I wanna see your Floss Face!

We all know how important it is to take care of your teeth. With two little kids, I’m trying to pass that message along… I think all the parents out there know how hard it can be to get your kids to brush their teeth, haha. <–Actually, it’s usually not so funny! I’ve tried all the tricks and what it came down to with my practical little 3-year-old was just explaining the importance! He wants to know about everything so when I give him an explanation (the longer, the better!), he seems to listen and attempt to understand.

The other way to get him to take care of his teeth? By example! Ryan wants to do everything I do (including wear my heels and my makeup), so if he sees me brushing and flossing and taking care of my teeth, he’ll want to do the same. I say monkey-see, monkey-do, because Ryan’s my little curious monkey 😉

oral b

Do you want some free Glide products from Oral-B? Do you want to win a new iPad?! Um, YEA! Check out the Floss Face contest from Oral-B. Show them YOUR Floss Face and every first-time entrant will receive a tote bag with Glide product, while supplies last (up to 5,000 units).  They will also be awarding an iPad grand prize every two weeks from now until July 7th!

oral b

I got to try out some Glide products from Oral-B! I like the minty freshness. This Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss is clinically proven to help reverse gingivitis in two weeks as part of a comprehensive dental health routine. It also invigorates the gums, protects against cavities and bad breath, and slides up to 50 percent more easily in tight spaces versus the leading floss!

Want to see my Floss Face?! There’s nothing excited about my flossing… I do it in the morning in front of my bathroom mirror–with my little ones watching (I mean, when AREN’T they watching me?). I will say that I was able to snap this photo of myself, however, by using my foot. And yep, I’m entering the Floss Face contest! See you over there 🙂


~I participated in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network. I received monetary compensation and product to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own.

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