Rebecca’s moving on up to toddler cups!

Ryan was so easy when it came to using plates, silverware, and cups. He just didn’t throw things on the floor and he pretty much went straight from bottles (pumped milk while I was working part-time) to toddler cups. I remember seeing all these other parents trying every cup out there, begging other moms to know what cup worked for their little one, and claiming their kid would be on the bottle forever. I didn’t understand.

Then? I became that mom! Rebecca rarely had a bottle because I was never working so I do wonder if that had something to do with it… she definitely was not used to tilting her head back to lift up a bottle or cup to drink. We’ve only been using straw cups, but the straw has to go all the way to the bottom of the cup.

I am THRILLED that she has now learned to drink out of other toddler cups… pretty much any “style” now… thanks to the new set we received recently from Philips AVENT! We got 3 different kinds, ranging in recommended ages from 6+ months to 18+ months.

I love the natural drinking cup. It’s the coolest design ever. The downside is that it kind of has a lot of pieces for taking apart to clean and put back together… but I’m just being lazy, because it still only takes like 15 seconds.

toddler cups

When I first took this cup out, Ryan (my 3yo) said, “What kind of cup is THAT?!” because it has no straw, no spout, and no visible opening! Yea, I was confused, too, lol. Basically the seal opens up when the inner top piece is pressed down by your lip as you start to drink. (Yes, I tried it myself!)

So your kid gets to learn how to sip out of a cup without a spout or other accessory and you still get the major convenience of a toddler cup that doesn’t spill! In the  far right photo below you can see Rebecca really testing that out… she actually held it upside down and shook it like crazy. It didn’t leak a drop. The natural drinking cup did take her a little bit to get used to, she was frustrated at first, but after I showed her how to do it and she practiced a few times, she was SO EXCITED. She kept drinking and kept giggling. And then little miss curious pushed the middle piece down with her fingers and dumped it upside down, haha. So you might want to make sure you practice with water first 😉

toddler cups

We were also sent some spout cups. The 6mo+ spout cup is great for Rebecca, it holds 7oz, and the spout is soft and flexible. At first I gave the other 18mo+ spout cup to Ryan, thinking Rebecca wouldn’t be okay with it…. it was great for Ryan, who still uses sippy cups sometimes… but Rebecca has tried it and she can use it, too! I’m so excited she’s getting the head-tilt thing down and can use even a bigger cup like this one.

toddler cups

Both kids love the clip that came on the 18mo+ spout cup, haha. Rebecca uses it like a handle and Ryan likes to actually use it to clip on his toys, pants, my purse, pretty much anything! Its spout is harder and bite-proof. The 18mo+ cup holds 12 oz and AVENT also makes a spout cup in between for ages 12mo+ that holds 9oz. 

toddler cups toddler cups

All the toddler cups are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Parts can be interchanged, which is very nice, and there are measurement scales on the sides. There are some other drinking cup options over at Philips AVENT, as well as nursing, feeding, and monitoring products, so check them out and find what works for your kids. All of these cups have really helped Rebecca learn. You can find Philips AVENT on Facebook, too!

~I received these products to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own!

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