Super Duper learning games (giveaway)

I recently talked about some of our new favorite educational and fun iPad apps for Ryan. They’re from Super Duper Publications and help Ryan tell stories, think about timelines and cause & effect, and teach him to recognize words in the process. We recently got to try out some learning games from Super Duper!

learning games

For 27 years the awesomeness of Super Duper Publications was only available to teachers, therapists, and special needs professionals. Now, they’re being made available to us and I’m thankful because they are really amazing products. My mom used to teach elementary school and when she saw these games, she got really excited. She knew all about them and the “core curriculum.”

Vocabulary Chipper Chat has 12 different categories to help kids understand and use new vocabulary and language skills. This is great for multiple kids, daycares, classrooms, etc because there are 5 sets of each of the 12 category game boards (so you can play with 5 kids at once). Here are the categories:

  • analogies
  • associations
  • attributes
  • categories
  • compare and contrast
  • context clues
  • figurative language
  • functions
  • homonyms
  • homophones
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • verbs


There are 360 cards (30 for each of the 12 categories) with prompts and activities. I got Ryan excited initially for this game because of the magnetic wand and chips! That alone has been a learning tool–counting, adding, and subtracting, so far! The game is for grades K-5 and Ryan is only 3.5 years old, but we have fun playing. Of course there are parts that are harder for him and sometimes we don’t even try to use the category card and just pick prompts and activities to do.

So you pick a card and complete the prompt… you roll the die and you get to place that number of chips on your large category card. The incentive??? Is a GREAT ONE. The winner gets to use the magnetic wand to pick up all the chips. It’s almost hard to get through a session before Ryan is dying to use the wand, haha.


Just for Laughs is a really cute game. It’s supposed to help children understand the multiple meanings of jokes. I can imagine it’s hard for little ones to understand what’s “funny” and why. I know I have to explain my jokes to Ryan sometimes–or maybe I’m just a terrible joke teller, lol. There are 100 joke cards that include a photo, which is awesome for Ryan that can’t read yet.

On the back of each joke card, there are 4 lessons that explain why the joke is funny. The deck has 40 jokes with multiple meaning words, 30 with multiple meaning phrases, and 30 with multiple meaning sentences. You can earn “smile” chips as you play 🙂 This game just always cracks me up because Ryan will do a really loud (fake) laugh and it’s hilarious. It’s for grades 3 and up and maybe by starting Ryan early, he’ll become a future comedian 😉 Ryan would NOT let me take a photo of his funny face, lol.


Super Duper Publications submitted 6 games, including these two, to The National Parenting Center for review. They ALL received rave reviews and the Spring 2013 Seal of Approval! They are: Just for Laughs, Ring Bling, Super Duper StoryMaker, “WH” question cards app, Vocabulary Chipper Chat, and Which One Doesn’t Belong?

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their choice of one of these 6 award winning games from Super Duper Publications! Open to US and Canada. Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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