sneaking in some me time any way I can

Me time? What the crap is that?! Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to remember the pre-kid me and all the things I loved to do. The me that jumped out of a plane, the me that read books all the time (Stephen King, not “Goodnight Moon”), the me that loved animals so much I went to school for it.


The ME now? Has been breastfeeding for 3.5 years, spends every day with two little ones pretending to be a dinosaur and singing the Thomas theme song, kissing boo-boos and giving baths. The me now, goes by “Mom” and doesn’t shower every day. The me now, loves Sandra Boynton instead of John Grisham and Raffi instead of Aerosmith.

breastfeeding in public

Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my kids. They make me laugh everyday, they make me smile if I’m sad, they’re my best little buddies and are always by my side–I can’t imagine the ME now without them.

But sometimes? Mama needs a break. My kids aren’t in school yet. They don’t go to daycare or a babysitter. They are mine all day, every day. I fully admit it can be fun, but exhausting… it tries my patience like never before (and I thought I was a patient person, ha!)… and some days I want to pull my hair out and run away.

Me time? I mean the kind of pre-kid me time. Is a MUST. It saves my sanity. It refreshes me and stops me from actually running away, lol. It took me a long time (too long) to realize that ME time was not only ok, but a necessity. It’s OKAY to step away for a moment. It’s OKAY to want a night out. It’s OKAY to not enjoy EVERY moment with your kids.

girls night out

And I don’t mean I need a weekend away or even a trip to the spa for a mani/pedi (although that would be AWESOME). Sometimes my ME time can be as super simple as a shower sans kids. RIGHT?! After the husband gets home from work–or on the weekends–if I get a solo shower and 30 minutes alone in the bathroom, I’m refreshed.

A morning cup of coffee on the deck in the sunshine while the kids play or eat their breakfast? That works, too.

starbucks run

Heading to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual to cuddle up with a good (adult) book. And, guys, I mean a chapter book with 300+ pages, not adult book. Unless we’re talking about 50 Shade of Grey. Because yes, I have found time to read that 😉

Sneaking into the closet to eat some cookies without having to share with the kids who, goodness, don’t need any more cookies. And because, really, I don’t want to share.

And those rare times I do actually get OUT of the house alone? Something that used to seem like a chore is now heaven. A trip alone to Target?!?!? BLISS. A hair cut? A stop at the post office WITHOUT KIDS?!

And, lucky me, I also have a monthly girls night with some wonderful friends. We don’t fake it and call it a “book club” or anything like that… it’s a straight up “Wine Night.” I also get out once a month without the kids to our local ICAN meeting.

What do you do for a little bit of ME time? Do you have monthly or weekly plans? Do you do little things during each day to escape?

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