Tips for a Healthy Baby & Healthy Home (giveaway)

~I am working with The Motherhood on this campaign for Healthy Baby Home Parties and have been compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.
I hosted an in-home Healthy Child Healthy World party when Ryan was a baby. I think I’ve always been eco-conscious, but it’s amazing how much changes once you have a child! I’ve never read and researched so much about safe products and toxins. I’ve cleared out previous products, especially those that go on the skin, and I’ve switched to safe, non-toxic options for our family.

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Do you want to learn about having a healthy home and a healthy baby? We’re bring the in-home parties to you, online! Seventh Generation has partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World for a Twitter Party THIS TUESDAY, June 25th from 1-2pm EST. They’ll share tips and advice for creating a toxin-free home environment for your kids, ingredients to avoid, recommended products, and more.

More?! Yea, PRIZES. There will be 5 prizes randomly given away throughout the party for those that answer the trivia questions. Prizes include Seventh Generation products: full size pack of diapers, full size 64ct Baby Wipes, full size facial wipes, and full size bar soap.

Simply go here to RSVP for the twitter party and then chat on Tuesday afternoon with the hashtag #HealthyBaby.

healthy baby

I attended a virtual party with Seventh Generation, Healthy Baby Healthy Home, Stonyfield, and The Motherhood last week. I’m going to share some of the eye-opening things I learned:

  • There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S., but comprehensive pre-market safety testing of these chemicals is not required under any federal law!
  • The primary U.S. law that regulates chemicals in everyday products hasn’t been updated in more than 35 years!
  • In the European Union (EU), 1,328 chemicals have been banned for use in personal care products. In the U.S., only 11 chemicals have been banned or restricted by the FDA. (WHY are we so behind on this?! What will it take for the US to make a change?)

As a mom, I worry about what I’m putting on my kids’ skin and what I’m exposing them to. Chemicals in our everyday lives cause or contribute to child behavioral disorders and diseases:

  • Kids are more susceptible to risks of chemical exposure than adults because they have a smaller body size and rapid physical development.
  • Environmental chemical exposure starts in the womb and continues through childhood (a study of 10 children’s face paints, all 10 were positive for lead).
  • Think you’re safe if you’re breastfeeding? Not so–some things get passed to baby… studies have found flame-retardants, bisphenol-A and other environmental chemicals in breast milk.

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SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? Here are some super simple steps to help keep toxins and chemicals out of your home and body:

  • Take your shoes off at the door! Put a shoe rack there to remind you. 85% of dirt (including chemicals) in our homes comes from shoes.
  • Buy safer body care products. Children are exposed to an average of 27 care product ingredients every day that have not been found safe for developing bodies.
  • Open your windows! Indoor air is polluted. Even a few minutes a day will help!
  • Eat more whole foods. Avoid sweeteners, artificial flavors and colorings, and synthetic preservatives. These are linked to health issues like ADHD and even cancer. (Check out Stonyfield Organic!)
  • Ban the can. BPA is linked to everything from obesity to cancer and is found in most canned goods. Look for glass containers or eat fresh.

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It can be overwhelming, but there are a lot of great resources out there to help us make healthier decisions. You can host your own Healthy Baby Healthy Home party, write to your senator to approve the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, and check out the Healthy Baby Home Party website for info and a coupon.

There’s SO MUCH more I learned in just an hour with Healthy Child Healthy World. Be sure you stop in and check out their twitter party on TUESDAY to learn even more!

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own basket of Seventh Generation products! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

~I am working with The Motherhood on this campaign and have been compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.

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