Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower: I Bundoo! Do You?

Welcome to day 5 of the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower! Today’s Shower partner is a little different… they’re completely geared toward parents and care givers, but they don’t have a product… they offer an amazing service. Bundoo: Smart Parenting Starts Here!


We all know I’m passionate about educated parents and making informed decisions for your family. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Bundoo and their online community. They have put a LOT of effort into creating their website and it’s a wealth of information. They have original, high-quality content created specifically for parents to get the information they need as quickly and as efficiently as possible–you can even save articles to read later. (Who has time to browse for hours with a crying baby, right?!)


Bundoo has A-Z articles written and reviewed by pediatricians and child development specialists. They have made sure their articles are straightforward and easy to understand… not filled with complicated medical terms that require you to keep a dictionary open at the same time!

The community at Bundoo is invaluable. You can get support from other parents in a friendly environment and you can get access to tons of information from experts in child development, childcare, and pediatrics. As a member, you can create your own groups (or join other groups) that are public OR private. It can be your own safe place to share information and ask questions!


Right now Bundoo is in its beta phase so registration is FREE for 8 weeks–don’t miss out on that offer! I’ve already signed up and have been browsing around. Articles and content on Bundoo are always free–membership gets you access to ask the experts unlimited questions and participate in groups. Here are some more features you can find at Bundoo:

  • MarketPlace: specially selected products with experts’ tips and/or reviews.
  • Ask Bundoo: connects parents directly with pediatricians and other experts so you can privately ask questions (hey–without a co-pay!)
  • A-Z: articles written by experts–you don’t need to register to check these out.
  • Community: public and private groups–search for keywords or by group location, comment, ask questions, get support!


Make sure you also find Bundoo on their social media sites where they’re posting more information, facts, photos, and quotes. They have an adorable Pinterest board full of helpful infographics (and funny ones, too)!


~This post was written as part of a partnership between Bundoo and the Blogger Baby Shower. All opinions are my own!

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