Awesome gift idea: sign my shirt!

~Product was provided by Sign My Shirt to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

When you get cards to celebrate a certain occasion, where do they end up? I guess I save SOME of them, but a lot of them definitely get recycled or I’d have cards everywhere. But we still always give cards for birthdays or a congrats, for a wedding or a retirement… why? because they’re thoughtful and send a personal message. But what if we had something that everyone could sign AND it created a memento for the recipient? Something they’d keep forever (or, ya know, recycle someday)… Sign My Shirt!


I just love this idea! At Sign My Shirt, you get to sign virtually so you can include EVERYONE near and far! Have family or friends that live out of town? Design a shirt, email it out, and have everyone sign it online for a great surprise gift. My brother’s 30th birthday is coming up and I thought this would be so fun to get all of his friends to sign… he lives in CO, but has family and friends here in IL.

This would be a great graduation gift… even with all the kid’s teachers to sign the shirt! Or maybe just the favorite ones 😉 A wedding gift with the bridal party… a family reunion t-shirt… so many great ideas!


The process is extremely easy. You pick out your occasion–and don’t worry if you don’t see what you want, just pick any because you can completely customize it, then pick out your style of shirt… there’s short and long sleeved and a lot of shirt colors you can choose! Design the shirt with text of your choice–you can choose font, color, and outline. Then add any logos or artwork!

When you’re ready to go, email the design to your friends and family. They’ll get an email with a link to go “sign my shirt!” This part was a little hard to get used to and I had to re-write my signature a few times. You use your mouse to DRAW your message… it ends up being really cool because it’s in your own handwriting, not typed out, and makes the gift more personal.

shirt proof

The above photos are from the shirt I designed for a friend’s bachelorette party! The girls that attending the party signed the back of the shirt. Don’t mind the black boxes on the shirt–it’s just the design box, not actually printed on the shirt. The designer of the shirt can adjust the signatures… you can place them wherever you want, rotate them, change the size, and add color. Here’s the shirt I got in the mail:

Cute, right?! Sorry it’s a bit wrinkled in the photo. I have a couple of suggestions if you’re going to make a shirt… have the people signing the shirt use the thicker “pencil” option. In my photo above you can see that Anna used it, but the rest of us didn’t. Hers is wonderfully visible!

The bride-to-be was super excited about her customized shirt and she wore it during the day while we ate lunch at the winery. It’ll be great for her to wear on the wedding day too, when she’s getting ready!

Everyone loved it! We got her the size small and it fit her great. You can get your own shirt at Sign My Shirt starting for about $20. If you add colors or print on both sides, it can add some cost. This shirt ended up at $33.90. Not bad for a memorable keepsake and a really fun and special occasion! You can also find them on facebook and twitter.

~Product was provided by Sign My Shirt to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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