Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect: guest post

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It’s a sad truth, but child abuse does exist in our society.  In fact, it happens much more than most of us think.  The reason is because many of us are not aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse.  The signs that we are aware of are the obvious ones such as physical marks, bruises, scratches etc…But many of the signs and symptoms of it exist in the child’s mental state.  So what signs then are we supposed to look out for if we think a child is being abused?  Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of child abuse.

1)  The parents

Most child abuse comes from one or both of the child’s parents.  Parenting can be a difficult challenge, and some are not cut out for it.  For these individuals though, instead of giving up their child, they neglect their child instead. It is absolutely essential for children to receive support from their parents.  If children do not receive support from their parents, they learn to live for themselves, and this usually causes them to rebel against authority.  As children begin to rebel against their unsupportive parents, then many times the parents begin to use physical and mental force to subject the child to their rule.

2)  Signs of mental abuse

As mentioned above, when parents don’t support their children, the children and the parents form a friction against one another which only progresses for the worst over time.  Many abusive parents don’t mean to abuse their children mentally, but they don’t think about how much bigger and more powerful they are compared to their child.  Children in abusive homes are scared, and show extreme behaviors outside of home such as: severely demanding or overly compliant behavior, extreme aggression or passivity, and is almost impossible to discipline.

3) Signs of physical abuse

Tragically, many parents are succumb to physically hurting their own children.  Many times abusive parents were physically abused as children themselves.  It is a horrible sequence that continues to plague American children and it will only continue as abuse does.  Symptoms of physical abuse range from bruises, black eyes, burns, and even worst broken bones.  When physical abuse occurs, children will generally show a strong protest to go home from school, and will often cry out and protest.  Many times, we make the mistake thinking that the child is just small and is having a good time on the playground, so they don’t want to go home, but this is a sign that many of us must be aware of.

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*guest post*


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