Hosting my site with DreamHost

~This sponsored post was written on behalf of DreamHost. All opinions are my own!

I use DreamHost for my hosting and I have been extremely pleased with their service. I switched over to them after issues on another host and they helped me through the process. When my blog experienced down time from a full server, they quickly moved me to a new one and I haven’t one single problem since (and it has been quite a few months)!
I know you have a lot of hosting options out there so why use DreamHost? They offer the longest trial period in the industry… an impressive 97 days! Plus, they offer a 100% up-time guarantee. If your site, email, database, SSH or FTP is unusable as a result of failure in the DreamHost system, they will credit your account with 1 free day of hosting for every 1 hour your service was interrupted…. that’s service! It goes to show that with DreamHost, there is no worry associated with your web hosting.
DreamHost offers many more great features that will make your life easier… from a one-click installer to unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and storage! DreamHost also offers advanced functionality for writing your own web apps and reliability backed by experts 24 hours a day.

One of my favorite features of DreamHost’s service isĀ Cloud Storage, which is an object storage service for tech savvy people and app and web developers. This service is ideal for storing photos, music, videos, web apps, and software projects. Cloud Storage offers users an affordable option for safely storing and backing up files at a price of 4 cents per GB per month… forever!

DreamHost began in 1997 when four Computer Science undergraduates launched the company. They had no capital; they were operating on shared bandwidth on a T1 line that a friend kindly gave them and a single Pentium 100 web server. While being frugal was a requirement for operations it didn’t inhibit the quality of service that DreamHost was willing and able to offer their customers.

The habits that formed in the beginning from offering innovative and creative solutions has stuck with the team behind DreamHost into present day. They have created an option for web hosting that is affordable, features endless possibilities and is extremely user friendly. Offering exceptional customer service and the best web hosting technology in the industry, this company has grown to host over 1 million domains and employ over 100 people!

If you are looking for a great web host for your blog, small business, website or e-commerce store, check out DreamHost. Give your site an edge on the competition that only an innovative, creative, and dependable host can offer!

~This sponsored post was written on behalf of DreamHost. All opinions are my own!

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