nobody puts baby in the corner…

…because they put baby in a Joovy Moon Room! I’d like to introduce all of you to a trusted friend of mine and new contributor for Baby Dickey. Joanna has an 11 month old and you should bug her about when baby #2 is coming along 😉 Thanks to Joovy for providing this product for review. We had one at our Blogger Baby Shower, too, and it is amazing!

Holy having an almost one year old! My name is Joanna and I am a long-time friend of Emily’s and her new blog contributor. My daughter E is almost a year old. No one warns you how EXHAUSTING it is to be mom to a 20 pound little person that never stops and has no boundaries! Well… maybe Emily did try to tell me, but I didn’t believe her! I guess it’s one of those types of things you have to be there for.

Anyway, over the past few months E has become extremely mobile. I can just hear her mind ticking away, “Was’ in there? Was’ in there? Was’ this do?” A mom can hardly sneak in a pee, let alone fold the laundry! Wanting something for E to play in while I do household chores, I asked Em if I could have her Joovy Room² Ultralight Playard.  Unfortunately she couldn’t give it up just yet! [editor’s note: Definitely couldn’t give it up! We LOVE our Joovy! lol] Fortunately for me, I’m a new contributor for this blog and Joovy sent a Moon Room for review!

moon room

My parents have the Joovy Room2 for E when we are at their house (out on the pool deck!). They also have a Joovy Spoon that we love, so I knew the Joovy Moon Room would be a quality item. I was not disappointed!

It comes in a handy bag for easy transport and directions are printed right on the mattress. For the space it comes with, it is not proportionally larger than your typical pack n play.

moon room

I love Joovy–they think of everything! I have tried to put other pack n’ plays together and it’s always a hassle (and seriously, when you think to put the pack n’ play together it’s not hours in advance… the baby is probably already asleep and it’s 11pm and you’ve been driving for 2,932,938 hours).  The Joovy Moon Room was SO EASY to put together. I can barely remember how I put it together because it basically came out of the bag already assembled. Putting the Joovy Moon Room away proved to be slightly more difficult but here is the jist of it:

  1. Remove toys and other baby paraphernalia (::puffs::).

  2. Remove mattress and toss to the side.

  3. Pull up on loop up in the center of the Moon Room (marvel at how the Moon Room folds together and at how clever you are to make something look so easy).

  4. Attempt to press buttons in the middle of the bars to collapse the bars.

  5. Get frustrated within 5 seconds.

  6. Read directions on mattress in order to figure out how to collapse the bars (okay, skim directions & silently give thanks that Husband isn’t home to see you attempt to put Joovy away without reading the directions).

  7. Reattempt the collapse- pull up slightly on bar, THEN press the button (be embarrassed, because that was really easy and took like -3 seconds)

  8. Wrap the mattress around the outside of the Moon Room & slip it in the bag.

moon room
moon room

Rest assured this will only take me a few minutes in the future. It really was easy though (after I read the directions). Collapsing the side bars couldn’t have been TOO easy because, after all, isn’t this meant to hold a BABY?

The Joovy Moon Room hasn’t disappointed! We have found it to be very useful. The mesh sides make me feel better about walking away from E while she’s inside–if she falls, it’s not a fireplace or table edge she will be hitting!). If we travel, we will take this with us because it could double as a traditional pack n’ play or travel crib.

moon room

Have I mentioned it looks cool? I can’t stand nerdy baby stuff. The Moon Room’s base and top bars are both square, but the base it rotated 45 degrees from the top. Translation: it looks like a spaceship! Thus the name, “Moon Room.”  This also allows for more space on the inside!

Here are some more concrete facts about the Moon Room:

  • Comes with a 100% cotton fitted sheet

  • Comes in purple, black (what we have) or charcoal

  • You can purchase additional sheets

  • For use from birth to 35 inches

  • Has over 10 square feet of play space

  • Retails from Joovy for $220

  • Weighs 27.5 pounds

  • Playard Dimensions Folded: 11” H x 11” W x 38.5” D

  • Playard Dimensions Assembled: 30” H x 47” W x 47” D

Well, Joovy, you did it again. What will you come up with next? We love the Moon Room!

Don’t forget to find Joovy on facebook and twitter. They host some pretty amazing giveaways, you might want to especially watch out for next Joovy Tuesday on August 20th!!!

~I was sent product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.

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