Tips for two in cloth diapers (Applecheeks giveaway)

I’ve talked a lot about cloth diapers here… we switched Ryan from disposables to cloth when he was 8 months old for a variety of reasons. Then we went to cloth wipes and I got a routine going. We got a new HE washer and I adjusted. And if you’ve been reading you know we have a household favorite… Applecheeks. We have a good sized stash and I prefer to only use our ACs!

cloth diapers

But why haven’t I been talking much about cloth diapers lately? The same reason I haven’t been talking much about anything lately…. I have two kids. I work (from home) and I have two kids. They’re both asleep right now πŸ˜‰

So how’s life cloth diapering two? Harder than I thought. There’s more laundry, obviously, and if I don’t stay on top of it I get behind and can’t keep up. I slipped up and bought disposables to have on hand “just in case” and you know what happens when you do that… So those are GONE and we’re back on track. Cloth diapers. Cloth wipes. Homemade wipe solution. Two kids. In cloth.

cloth diapers

1. Set your habits. Pick your laundry days for your diapers and stick to them so you don’t get too far behind. I was going to say “keep a routine,” but we all know things come up or plans change, especially as a mom of two+. Stuff diapers at night while watching TV, run the washer overnight, hang diapers in the morning (if that’s how you dry)… start the habits and they will help you get the jobs done!

2. Invest in a large diaper bag! Melissa from Sippy Cup Mom says she has a Skip Hop Double Duo and “after putting some cloth in there for the girls, I barely have room for anything else!”

3. Use one kind of diaper. Kerrific Online prefers a one-size diaper and says, “I have had 3 in diapers… and this was a saver for us!” I definitely agree, it makes your routine that much easier when all inserts, covers, stuffing methods, etc. are the same. I love using my Applecheeks for both kids because size 2 fits 18-40 lb and are totally adjustable with two rows of snaps and stretchy elastic at the waist and thighs. Β The inserts (bamboo or microterry) can be put in the large envelope-style opening or placed on the cover to be used as an AI2.

4. Make life easier.Β We keep wet bags and a small stash in two different spots of the house… one is upstairs at the changing table (which is in the extra bedroom so both kids use the same spot) and one is downstairs near the laundry room. Especially when you’re changing diapers 2x as often as you were with just 1 in cloth, it helps to make things more convenient. Also, Applecheeks inserts agitate out in the washing machine so no need to unstuff when changing diapers!

5. Let the kids help. Kids go through phases of not sitting still for diaper changes or simply not wanting to wear a diaper at all! Ain’t nobody for time for that! We make the process more fun by letting the kids pick out their diaper. Fluff is cute! Applecheeks has a bunch of colors (and prints!) and they’re always introducing new, limited edition ones. Ryan gets a kick out of picking his color (I think his favorite is Raspberry Sorbet!) and picking the color for his little sister. Next up: teaching Ryan how to stuff clean diapers πŸ˜‰

cloth diapers

Have you cloth diapered multiples? Do you have tips or tricks to share? Even if you just have one in cloth, what are your habits or routines that make things easier?

THANK YOU to Applecheeks for making our life cloth diapering two easier! And cuter πŸ˜‰ To make your life easier, we’re giving away an Applecheeks cloth diaper! Want to buy some of your own? Check out all the Applecheeks products and then find a store! We also LOVE their swim diapers, washable nursing pads, and storage sacs!

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win an Applecheeks Little Bundle! Winner can pick diaper color, insert type (bamboo or microterry), and size (1 or 2). Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

~I received a diaper to facilitate this post, but all opinions and crazy love for Applecheeks are my own! πŸ˜‰

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