What does your child sleep with every night?

When I was in Chicago at the end of July, I attended a wonderful event (The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite) geared toward brands and products for kids. One booth I loved was Cloud B. I was already familiar with the brand as we have a few of their products in our home for our two kids. I got to see some new things coming out and enter their “Peek-A-Boo” room, which was dark and justΒ filled with their fun nightlights. I could have taken a nap in there, lol.

Anyway, once I got back home I was going over my photos and materials from my trip and Ryan passed by and said, “What was that?! That turtle! Go back, mom, I want to see that turtle!” And wouldn’t you know the lovely people at Cloud B sent me that turtle, just to make Ryan’s day! The Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B is a new favorite in our house… and I kinda want one, too.

cloud b tranquil turtle

This is Cloud B’s first product to include both sight and sound… it projects underwater images, like ocean waves, on the ceiling and it also plays soothing sounds of the sea. Ryan could not WAIT to go to bed the first night this arrived (thanks, Cloud B! haha). He oooo’d and ahhhh’d when it came on in his dark bedroom and he said…

cloud b tranquil turtle

I can’t even make that up. We laid in bed and in a 10-minute period he said all 3 things above. And he wasn’t the only one loving it… like I said, I want one! It is so peaceful, just watching the “waves” above you, listening to the sounds, and pretending you’re at the ocean. This arrived right before our family vacation to Cozumel… Ryan’s first trip to the ocean! I didn’t want him to be afraid of the ocean so having this actually helped… I told him the ocean would be just like this turtle was showing us–calm and peaceful!

cloud b tranquil turtle

And OF COURSE we had to bring Mr. Turtle with us on vacation! Like Ryan said, he wouldn’t go to sleep without it! lol. It helped to have something familiar in a new place (and something calming, too). My parents were on vacation with us and my mom immediately asked if Cloud B makes an adult version of this because she wants one, too! I said, “what’s wrong with a turtle?!”

Some more awesomeness: the shell glows so it works as a nightlight, it plays ocean sounds or a nice melody (we like both, but prefer ocean sounds!), and it has a timer. It plays for 23 minutes–enough time for your lil one to fall asleep. You can have the projection move like ocean waves or you can have it stop so it’s basically just a pretty blue light. You can also adjust the volume. I TRIED (4 times) to take a video for you, but my kids were either fighting over the turtle or being loud in the background, so I gave up lol.

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

You can get your own Tranquil Turtle (in aqua or ocean colors) on amazon for $45. They call “ocean” purple, but I think it does look more blue! It’s the color we have in my photos. Make sure you find Cloud B on twitter and facebook, too, they have a lot of other great products!

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