Before I was a mom, I’d never be THAT mom

You know all those things you said before you ever actually became a mom… you walked around and watched other moms at the grocery store or at a restaurant and you’d think to yourself, “I will NEVER be THAT Mom!” My kids will never behave that way. MY kids will listen to me. I will never let my kids do that. Right?!

Ohhh, lady. Just wait 😉

I wrote a post a loooong time ago (May 2011) called “Before I was a Mom…” and that was back when I only had one kid! A 1.5 year old. I just re-read that list and over 2 years later it’s alllllll still true.

But now I have a new one to add to the list……..

Last week I became a first-time mom to a preschooler. 

Before I was a mom… I was NEVER going to be one of THOSE moms that dropped their kid off at school without showering and while wearing sweats… I mean, that’s like PAJAMAS! The horror.

Before I was a momReal Life.

That photo is from the drive to preschool on Friday. I was definitely wearing yoga pants (I mean, WHO DOESN’T?!). I was certainly unshowered (day 2). No make up. Teeth brushed???? It’s a toss up….. okay, kidding, I definitely brushed my teeth: 1 POINT FOR MOM.

What do I do in the morning instead of showering? Drink my coffee. Change a diaper. Feed the children. Dress them. Change diapers again. Survive.

And ya know what works in my favor? Ryan’s preschool is at a gym. Everyone else there is in sweats or workout gear… that can look quite similar to pajamas… like mine… am I working out? Pshhh, don’t be silly. But at least I kind of fit in. Hmmm… maybe THAT’S how I finally settled on which school to send Ryan to… maybe it was allllll in my plan 😉

What’s your real life?

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