Bonding with Baby: 5 babywearing benefits

My first was born by a slightly traumatic cesarean and we faced bonding issues from the start. I hate to even think back on that period of our lives because of how much I struggled emotionally. My second was a VBAC, born at home, and the differences in emotions are night and day. I even wrote a post comparing how I felt after each. Because of my experiences I’ve read a lot about bonding with baby, what can affect it, what effects it can have (on you AND your baby), and ways to improve bonding. I think it’s really important and something all parents should be aware of because it (bonding OR disconnecting) can have long-lasting effects. There are lots of ways to increase bonding with your baby and I’m going to share thoughts on one of my favorites… babywearing!

bonding with baby

Bonding with Baby: 5 babywearing benefits

  • The fourth trimester. Wait, what? I thought we only had to go through THREE?! Well, the 4th one is even better 😉 It’s the period of time after your baby is born (maybe called a “babymoon” instead) where they still just need their mama! They want to be kept close, kept warm, curled up, and held… babywearing helps you accomplish all of those things.
  • Improved breastfeeding. Nursing in a carrier is the best–you get to nurse hands-free with your baby close, stare down into their eyes, and most of the time people around you can’t even tell you’re breastfeeding. Babywearing has been shown to enhance lactation and the duration of breastfeeding.
  • Keeping baby close. We all know baby cuddles are the best thing ever, but unfortunately we have to continue daily life (at some point)…. so why not keep baby close? With babywearing you can easily bring baby along as you clean the house, cook some food, or write blog posts 😉
  • Teaching by example. Babies are fascinated by everything you do… they want to see it all and take it all in. Babywearing allows for more time in a “quiet alert” state, letting your baby observe and process more. Did you know babywearing results in scoring higher on mental and motor development tests in the first year of life?
  • Happiness. Very simply put… babywearing can increase happiness for you AND your baby. It reduces uneven breathing, stabilizes heart rate, relieves stress reactions, increases oxygenation, and enhances immunological protection. Phew! All that awesomeness (and more) just from babywearing! Easy.

Now for the question…… what carrier should you use for babywearing?! There are so many options!

Being a mom of two and a blogger, I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot. My favorite style for a newborn is a wrap and my favorite style for an older baby through toddler-hood is a soft structured carrier. Boba is a company that has both.

bonding with baby

I’ve tried Boba carriers and love them and they are definitely a brand I recommend to my mamas. They share a lot of great information on their website, too, and make comfortable, safe, and ergonomic baby carriers. Boba also has fun accessories for their carriers like foot straps, hoods, teething pads, outerwear, and even adorable mini carriers for your older kids to babywear their dolls and animals 😉 That reminds me… those are going on the kids’ Christmas lists this year!

You can also follow my pinterest board on Bonding with Baby for more ideas and tips 🙂 A bond that starts with your newborn will last a lifetime <3

You can find sources of studies for things mentioned in this post here.

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