touchTAB by Encyclopedia Britannica Kids: GREAT Gift Idea!

Ryan is so into learning about EVERYTHING right now. All day long is filled with questions and curiosity. I love it! But I can’t always answer or keep him entertained. I love the educational games that keep him busy while learning new things, encourage his imagination, AND keep him coming up with even more questions! We have some other items from Encyclopedia Britannica Kids that are well loved in our house so I was excited to be sent the touchTAB for review.

Encyclopedia Britannica touchTAB


This is just in time for back-to-school and, even better, holiday gifts! This set would make a wonderful gift and you can customize with the add-on packs. The touchTAB is an interactive tablet with hands-on play and quizzes.


The touchTAB comes with a set of Mammals cartridges: North American Mammals, Australian Mammals, and African Mammals. They’re thin board pieces with a unique chip on the back. Each “game” or cartridge is full of information as kids are able to touch the board to discover new facts. After exploring the board, they can begin a quiz and test out their new knowledge. If you get the answer wrong, you’re given another chance to try again.


There are also other themed sets available to buy separately. I like that the Mammals set comes with the touchTAB because… who doesn’t love animals?! The other themes can be purchased based on your child’s interests. There’s Exploring Space, Incredible Earth, Amazing Ocean Life, and Days of the Dinosaur. Each themed set has 3 different cartridges!

Ryan’s 3rd birthday was dinosaur themed and we often pretend play that we are dinosaurs so I picked out that one for him. I also picked out Exploring Space because he’s starting to learn the names of the planets so I thought it’d be a fun addition and add some fun facts to each planet! This set also has a board on constellations and one on spacecrafts.

After a weekend of photo-taking, Ryan was having any of it, haha. My strong-willed little 3-year-old 🙂 The best was a blurry hand to the camera, sooo… you get a short video of ME playing with the touchTAB instead LOL. Also… I have a lot to learn about dinosaurs….

The touchTAB is super lightweight and thing, easy to take on the go or traveling, and is suggested for ages 5 and up (but my almost-4-year-old loves it!). The suggested retail price for the touchTAB is $39.99 and you can find it on Target’s website. The additional themed sets are also at Target for $14.99 each.

~I received product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own!

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