Super Duper educational games for kids (giveaway)

We have a few games from Super Duper Publications that the kids love so I was excited when they sent us 3 new ones to try out! They’ve been around since 1986 and today they’re making hundreds of creative, colorful, and educational materials and games. This time we got: Pirate Talk, “Wh” Bingo, and MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit.
educational kids games
I let Ryan pick which box he wanted to open first. He chose “Wh” Bingo, which actually surprised me because he LOVES pirates right now! Wh Bingo is a game where the child gets to respond to simple questions like “What does a monkey eat?” and “Where do you hang your clothes?” It encourages verbal expression and is great for comprehension skills.
educational kids games
The game includes color bingo boards (6 each of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and Combo), 144 Wh calling cards, 200 bingo chips, and a plastic storage tub. Ryan and I both picked out a bingo card and I explained the game to him… I read the questions and he was so excited because he could answer each one! I could tell he was very proud of himself! Then we looked at the picture and found the match on our boards. Ryan decided he needed to help me so he could put the chip on my board too! He was the first one to get “Bingo” and I told him he gets to yell out the word, but he didn’t want to, haha. He was more concerned that I keep playing so I could win, too, awww! We will definitely be playing this game a lot!
educational kids game
Later we played “Pirate Talk.” This game comes with an 18″ x 18″ game board, 150 color-coded receptive and expressive language cards, 6 pirate player pieces, 100 gold coins, and the awesome electronic spinner. This game is recommended for ages K-5 and you sail the ships around the board and collect as many gold coins as you can. We are definitely big fans of the electronic spinner–we love how it lights up–and Ryan was so excited to get to the first island so he could collect his gold coin! He has been calling himself a pirate lately so this game was perfect for him!
educational kids games
Ryan is just 3.5yo  and I did read the questions to Ryan and really enjoyed his answers! He just answered with whatever he felt like saying, haha. Typical 3yo, right? So, even if the questions were a little difficult for him, it didn’t matter. The questions really made him think and use expressive language, so I like this game a lot! There are variations to the game, too, and if you’re playing with a 3 year old like I was, you might make up some new ones 😉 One of the variations suggests to place a container of sand on the board and bury the coins to enhance fine motor skills and sensory awareness. What a cute idea!
educational kids games
The “MagneTalk Match-up” was the next activity. We received the MagneTalk Barrier Game Stand and the MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit. This comes with 10 game boards (2 of each scene), 2 sided magnetic, dry-erase tabletop easel, a dry erase marker, 10 magnets for each game board, a reproducible activity book, and even a CD so you can print additional activity pages!

This game is awesome! It’s great for learning language and listening skills and is excellent for practice in following and giving directions. I couldn’t believe how Ryan immediately began to make up his own stories once he started placing his magnets on the board! It certainly sparked his imagination! We spent a good hour playing with this. We started with the picnic scene. (I decided to start off by letting him do some free exploration with the boards and magnets). He loved choosing and placing the magnets in just the right place and began to talk about who was going to eat what and where the duck or the frog should go.

Next we chose the underwater scene. This time we each had one in front of us and I began by telling him to put the seashell on the sand. Then it was his turn and he told me to put the turtle in the water. I knew we weren’t ready for specific directions such as place the seashell in the lower right hand corner, etc. so the great thing is that we can start at his skill level and move up from there–wonderful for many ages, it will always be a challenge! After that he decided he would use the included marker and draw a picture! I think his drawing was a result of what he had just created with the magnets because he continued to verbalize everything he was doing. LOVE THIS.

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to use at Super Duper Publications! They offer so many amazing products, this GC will let you choose what is best for YOUR child 🙂 Open to US and Canada, please use the form below to enter–good luck!
~I received product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own!

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