my mobility OOPS! moments with Asurion

This post was created in partnership with Asurion, but all thoughts are my own.

How many times have you dropped, broken, or lost your cell phone? I’m better with mine now (knock on wood), but I definitely remember my teenage years… the time I set it on top of my car at the gas station, forgot it was there, and drove away (to find it later smashed in a million pieces on the side of the road)… or the time I left it on an airport seat before boarding my plane… or how about the time I dropped it in the swimming pool? Ooops.

The day will come when my kids have their own cell phones and I imagine some similar experiences. I mean, our iPad has already been dropped and cracked by one child and my cell phone chewed on by another.ย Asurion recently conducted a survey that found that parents, on average, replace more than one mobile phone per child each year…. sounds about right…. also? YIKES.

Especially with back-to-school season fully upon us, we want our kids to be able to stay in touch and call if they need us. Even I don’t know what I’d do without my cell phone–I’d be lost! When I drop Ryan off at school, I often run errands or get work done and I make sure my cell phone is kept close in case the school needs to call me. We don’t have a home phone, we rely on our cells, so if something happened to mine I’d be in a panic.

Tips for keeping your cell phone safe (especially during back-to-school):

    • Have a durable protective case! You get what you pay for so invest in something nice… make sure it protects the glass face and look into options that are waterproof or protect from a certain height when dropped.
    • Plug the phone charger into a surge protector (out of reach of children).
    • Add one of those screen film protectors to help keep it clean and prevent scratches.
    • Get mobile phone insurance when you buy or upgrade
    • Keep it somewhere safe. Bad things happen when I stick my phone in my back pocket and forget it’s there! If it’s on your desk, make sure there are no drinks nearby that could spill on it (protect it like you would your computer!)
    • Visit Gotta Have My Mobile for more tips!
Do you have mobile insurance on your phone? I bet my parents wish they had it on mine when I was younger, haha! It’s something we even need to look into now to protect OUR phones from the toddlers! And certainly their phones when they reach the tween and teen years. Oh my, I don’t even want to think about it ๐Ÿ˜›
What disastrous things have happened to your cell phones? Has yours ever sat in a bucket of rice? Mine has ๐Ÿ˜‰
This post was created in partnership with Asurion, but all thoughts are my own.

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