When do you ask for a second opinion?

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I can think of plenty of times just in the past year where my family sought out a second opinion. Our car needed work and we were quoted a couple thousand dollars. Eeek! Second opinion. Our new house needed painting in every bedroom and a few other rooms, too, and I requested help in picking out colors. I actually got second AND third opinions on this. My dad had a health issue earlier this year and the first opinion scared us half to death. Second opinion. And he’s totally fine 😉

And then there’s the times in life where I wish we had gotten a second opinion… like when I ended up with a cesarean or when my childhood dentist told my parents that I did not (ever) need braces. Now as an adult I have some overcrowding on the top row, causing one tooth to slant outward. It is CRAZY how much your teeth can affect your self-esteem. I am consciously aware of that tooth and I know that it prevents me from smiling big and bright or from facing people on that side.


That just blows my mind!!! The things we value and invest time in… and the things we don’t. A second opinion can be extremely valuable for people who face risky or expensive treatments or services. A second opinion can offer a simpler, less costly, or more effective treatment options!

Invisalign has been on my wish-list because of the second opinion we missed out on when I was a kid. I’m beyond thankful for a teeth straightening option other than braces… Invisalign, used for adults and teens, is a series of nearly invisible, removable “aligners” that are used to gradually straighten teeth without metal or wires.

Not all practices and providers are certified Invisalign providers, though. Some are only set up to offer braces so that will be the only option given to you. Get a second opinion! While not everyone may be suitable for a specific treatment, there are choices and more options out there… if you get a second opinion! Find an Invisalign provider.


Beyond my personal issue, Invisalign can also effectively correct a broad range of more complex cases such as: overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, open bite, crossbite, overbite and underbite. Benefits? No food restrictions, easily maintain healthy brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, clear braces and removable aligners, and straightened teeth without anyone ever knowing you’re having a treatment!

How much do invisible braces cost? It’s manageable and you can check out their cost calculator for details! I really really really want Invisalign personally so I’m thrilled to be sharing this information with all of you, as it’s something on my to-do wish list for the future.


To help bring awareness to the importance of a second opinion, Invisalign is giving away $50 a day in instant win prizes through Oct. 15, plus a chance to win a $1,000 grand prize in their Second Opinion Sweepstakes and Instant Win. Enter each day until you’re a winner!

Make sure you check out more details of how the process works with Invisalign and find them on facebook and twitter!

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