Safety Comes First With Munchkin

~My contributor, Joanna, received product to facilitate this review from Munchkin. All opinions and photos are her own!

It’s been some time now that Miss E has been crawling everywhere and getting in to everything!  She loves to “take things out” and “put in” …which includes taking everything out of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Some of the things in those cabinets are glass, or heavy, and just not safe for a baby girl to be tossing around. I knew we needed to get our baby proofing going so I was excited to receive some baby proofing review items from Munchkin.

Munchkin has TONS of different types of baby proofing items on the website. They do a great job of meeting the varying needs of a family trying to make their house safer. They have latches for doors and drawers, corner cushions, miscellaneous latches (for that odd shaped drawer baby seems to ALWAYS go for), and gates.

I was excited to get their baby proofing items and try them out around the house. We were in dire need of some latches for our cabinets. That’s why we were happy to install the Drawer and Cabinet Latches. Here is a before picture of our cabinet latch solution:


And here is after we installed the Munchkin latch:


As you can see, the Munchkin latch is not detectable from the outside! I like that the cabinets look normal, with no bulky latch around the outside handles. They were easy to install but not easy to install RIGHT. I recommend trying the installation on a cabinet that you don’t use that often; that way, if you don’t get the installation 100% correct you won’t be bothered with it constantly.

munchkin munchkin

The cabinet latches retail for $5.99 (for 12!), which I think is reasonable.  Here are a few more details:

  • Secures both cabinets and drawers

  • Dual latch requires user to pinch ergonomic pads together to open

  • More child resistant than other single latch “depress to open” latch designs

By far my favorite item that we have from Munchkin is the Complete Edge and Corner Cushion Kit. Here are our before and after photos: munchkin

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of picky about my house. I don’t like having things laying around on the ground. Pillows are for the couch, not the floor! The kit came with everything you need. I didn’t think that the stickers would stick to the fireplace because it is brick- but it actually stays pretty secure. The kit comes with enough stickers to do both sides of the cushion and would work WELL on a coffee table. I recommend this for anyone looking for a clean look.

The kit retails for $24.99. Here are a few more details:

  • An all-in-one corner and edge cushion solution that secures both straight and curved tables

  • Kit includes over 6 feet of foam cushions and 4 foam Corner Cushions

  • Customizable length will work almost anywhere – perfect for any room in the home

  • Adhesive won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove

Here are a few more items from Munchkin I think are pretty cool: dual locking drawer latch ($4.99, 3 settings – double locked, locked, and unlocked), dual locking appliance latch ($4.49, locked, unlocked, and self-latching with an indicator), and of course the line of feeding supplies! munchkin

This is Emily’s little girl, Rebecca, who couldn’t wait to dig in! Utensils, sippy cups, placemats, snack dispensers, bento lunchboxes… Munchkin has it all! I’m looking at the Drink Box Carrier for when E gets older–I’ve seen Emily’s kids squeeze those juice boxes all over the floor, haha!

Check out all Munchkin has to offer and make sure you find them on facebook and twitter, too!

~My contributor, Joanna, received product to facilitate this review from Munchkin. All opinions and photos are her own!

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