T-shirt Halloween Costume Ideas

I always have big plans for our Halloween costumes. Two years ago I created homemade skeleton costumes, mine was even preggo with a skeleton baby, and last year our family of 4 went as Wizard of Oz. I do more for the kids’ costumes, of course, and usually end up short on time to create much for the husband and me. I love simple and super easy t-shirt Halloween costume ideas…. costumes that are mainly based on just a t-shirt. Like… taking a big white t-shirt and just drawing on a black ghost face. Done!

DIY pregnant skeleton costume

Recently I saw a post on Sign My Shirt’s blog about this: EASY T-shirt Halloween Costumes. Personally, I LOVE the Dexter idea. I guess it takes a little more than a bloody t-shirt, but not much… add a knife and apron and you’re done. I <3 Dexter 🙂

I also try to visit Halloween sites and check out what they have to get my own ideas, like these women’s costumes here. I just glanced through and thought: white t-shirt with gold rope belt and accessories for a Greek Goddess. Or cut a long red shirt to have jagged ends, add a black belt and hat: pirate!

I think this year our whole family is going as Peter Pan characters. I asked my almost-4-year-old son what he wanted us all to be so of course I’m going with his ideas! He is in love with Tinkerbell and fairies right now… he wants to spread the pixie dust and be able to fly! So he decided he wants to be a fairy this year. He wants Rebecca to be a fairy, too, and has designated daddy to be Peter Pan and mommy to be Tinkerbell. I can’t wait, we’ll all be so cute! And the costumes for DH and I go well together (without the kids’ costumes) for our adult Halloween party, too.

Now I just need to finish all the Halloween costumes and with being out of town all next week I’m running out of time! Better get to the store or start some online shopping. Do you think Ryan will just be crushed when he puts on his fairy costume for Halloween and finds out he isn’t ACTUALLY going to be able to fly? I think Daddy will be doing a lot of flying Ryan through the air to make up for it, haha.

Happy Halloween! What is your costume?

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