DIY Reading Nook: how to turn your wagon into a reading corner

Remember that awesome Touring Wagon we got from Step2 (as a Test Drive Blogger)? It has been wonderful all summer for walks around the neighborhood, to the park, and even this fall at the apple orchard. Well, in the Midwest, fall brings cold weather and winter brings lots of snow. Wagons and other outdoor ride-on toys are stored away in the garage or basement until the season is over.

But not our Step2 wagon! We love it too much and I thought I’d get creative with ways to use it inside. We had used it as a toy bin, storage for the kids’ stuffed animals, and just an indoor wagon (Ryan likes to give his little sister rides)… I wanted to turn it into something awesome. So, what’s the BEST THING EVER for little kids? FORTS. I combined that idea with the fact that my kids love to read books and I decided to make a DIY reading nook!

diy reading nookDIY Reading Nook

Super cute, right? I kinda want an adult-sized one. As soon as I created it Rebecca came running over and immediately climbed into the seat. She loves relaxing on the soft pillow and curling up to look at a book. The wagon is the perfect height and size for both my kids… it’s the perfect DIY reading nook and it’s SO EASY to make.

diy reading nook

All 4 sides of the Step2 Touring Wagon are individually removable so I just took out the front piece and left in the back and the 2 sides to make it more like a couch and easy to climb in.

I added a blanket that hangs to the floor (so we can hide books under the wagon, too, and it kind of hides the wheels). I put a big comfy pillow along the back.

You can see a few books in my photos–they are stacked at the front of the wagon, leaning against the wagon handle. There are 2 cup holders right there for the kids, too! It’s nicer than my couch, haha.

This Step2 wagon comes with a canopy so a lot of hard work was already done! I just used the canopy and threw a large sheet over the top. I used a safety pin to bunch up the curtain in the middle and a small clip on each side to hold them back… viola, a curtain! It adds a little bit of privacy and fun to the DIY reading nook, but stays open enough so the kids can see out and get some light. It wouldn’t be hard at all to let it fall down for a complete tent, if you wanted.

diy reading nook

Ryan was sooo excited to see his new reading nook. He said, “Ohhh, mom! That’s so sweet you made that!” and after checking out some of the books I put there he said, “Can we get some more books over here, mom?” AND I had pulled him away from the television to show him my DIY reading nook so I’d call that a pretty big WIN!

diy reading nook

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~I am a Step2 Test Drive Blogger and received compensation for this post, but the idea, opinions, and photos are all my own!

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