Babywearing Carriers at the ABC Kids Expo 2013

Last week I was in VEGAS, BABY. My first time ever in the city of sin….. and I never even made it to the strip. The closest I got to “Vegas” were the slot machines in the airport, haha. Why? I spent all week at the convention center for the ABC Kids Expo 2013. It’s THE trade show for all things related to pregnancy, moms, babies, and children. This was my second year and I had a great time–putting faces with names, meeting people I’ve worked with, seeing old friends, and discovering the latest and greatest brands and products.

babywearing carriers

There are roughly 10 miles of booths to walk at the Expo so even after 4 days, I didn’t see everything, but I saw most. I’m trying to divide up my posts because I have so much I want to show you! Let’s start with babywearing carriers…. coming up will be breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby gear, and the fun stuff.

BOBA babywearing carriers

I’m actually a brand new Boba Ambassador so it was extra fun to see them in person and check out their NEW CARRIER!!! Whaaaaat?! Yes, it’s being released on Monday! I’ll have one to try out and show you photos of, as well. I can tell you though, it’s awesome 😉 Shown above from the left are the soft-structured 3G carrier, the wrap, and the Air, which is lightweight like a travel carrier–great for keeping in your car or diaper bag, too.


babywearing carriers

I’m a HUGE fan of Onya Baby. They’re a small, family owned business and Diana, the creator, is the sweetest. Their new launches are AMAZING. First, a newborn insert. See that photo on the bottom right? Snaps all the way across to make it completely adjustable. My little girl Rebecca wasn’t a fan of her Onya when she was little because she sat too low in it… this totally solves that issue while still keeping the other feature of the Onya Baby carrier that’s awesome–it has a higher back for head support. Oh AND the carrier converts into a seat to use on chairs at a restaurant, etc. Multi-use… perfect.

The other new announcement? The Onya Baby NextStep. It is made from 100% recycled fabric… you can see the process in the jars in the left photo… plastic bottles on the far left, all the way to soft twill fabric. AMAZING. LOVE.


babywearing carriers

Okay, this photo is actually from the Moby booth last year. That’s me with Rebecca (at 7 months old, awww) in the Moby GO. I can’t believe I forgot to get photos at their booth this year because they’re one of my favorites!!! Ryan (my almost 4-year-old) face-timed me right when I got to their booth and I walked around showing him the carriers instead of snapping pics. However, I was sent home with a Moby GO carrier so watch out for a full review! We also own a Moby Wrap and loooooooove it. Oh and now they have MLB wraps! I also would die for the Dolcino woven wrap.


babywearing carriersI don’t have personal experience with BabyHawk carriers, but I’ve heard from others often enough to know they rock. It was nice to speak with the owner… you can choose your prints and customize your carriers, which is awesome, and she just started designing her own and that has been a dream of hers for Babyhawk so I’m thrilled to see those! And they’re awesome, right? Love the “Ahoy” print she designed pictured above. Babyhawk has 3 different mei-tai style babywearing carriers.

BECO babywearing carriers

Beco is another carrier I’ve never owned, but have heard rave reviews about. They make soft-structured babywearing carriers and newly released their “Soleil” model (top photo). The “Gemini” carrier is shown in the bottom photo. I tried on a Soleil at the Expo and it was comfortable, I liked the wide seat for baby and the pocket at the bottom that fit my iPhone perfectly! And adorable prints, right?

BITY BEAN babywearing carriers

I love the Bitybean! Aside from the cute name, it’s a functional, lightweight baby carrier created by a DAD! It holds infants and toddlers (age 3 months and up) from 8 lb up to 40 lb! It folds up compactly into the size of a small water bottle–great for on-the-go, traveling, diaper bags, to keep in the car, etc. They’re a newer (2012) and socially conscious company from Vermont. And? The carriers are just $54.95.


babywearing carriers

Catbird Baby has awesome mei-tai babywearing carriers (long straps that tie), as well as the “pikkolo,” which offers the shorter straps with buckles. They use memory foam in the shoulder straps for comfort (and less bulk). The name? Comes from the phrase “catbird seat,” which is one where you’re “sitting pretty” or, in other words, in a lucky spot. Just like baby is when being worn by mom or dad! Cute.


babywearing carriers

I’d love to try out the emeibaby carrier. It’s got the comfort and ease of a soft-structured carrier with the completely adjustable fit of a wrap (with no wrapping)! In the far left photo, see the fabric slouching at the front? That’s what adjusts (with the rings in the far right photo) for the perfect fit for you and your baby. Wonderfully padded straps and buckles across the back for a comfortable fit. I have a great photo of it from ABC 2012 on last year’s post that shows it with 3 different sized babies.


babywearing carriersAhhh, Ergobaby. My Ergo was my faaaaaaavorite carrier. Recently the buckle broke, which means the waist strap won’t stay threaded to the buckle and I can’t use it 🙁 Ergo unfortunately doesn’t sell replacement buckles (?!). You’re probably familiar with their soft-structured babywearing carriers. Well, in addition to adorable new prints, they now they have a wrap and the 360 soft-structured carrier. For the first time, Ergo has a carrier that allows you to wear your baby facing outward. I’ll let you decide what you think of that.

BEACHFRONT BABY babywearing carriers

Loving Beachfront Baby! I had a water wrap and the company isn’t around anymore so I’m thrilled to see Beachfront Baby here. I used it when Ryan was little too, but found it MOST helpful (and a MUST-have) when I had baby #2. I couldn’t go to the pool or beach or waterpark with 2 kids without this thing. And I had to loan it out to friends alllll the time, too, haha. It’s useful in the shower, too. The water ring sling (pictured in the middle) is new and will be available soon.


babywearing carriers

This was my first time trying a Lillebaby carrier and I got to take one home with me so be looking for a full review soon! So far, I love it. Fun colors and prints, organic carriers, the airflow (with breathable mesh)… and now the all-season carrier with a middle panel that unzips when it’s warm out to expose the breathable mesh. Cold out? Zip it back up. FAVORITE thing about the Lillebaby carriers? A lumbar support piece on the back waist buckle. I noticed it immediately and it’s AMAZING.


babywearing carriers

Here’s another carrier for the water and this one is styled like a soft-structured carrier rather than a wrap or sling. I did try it on at the Expo and the JuJuRoo works much the same way as a typical SSC would. You can fully adjust straps to pull baby close or to raise baby up or lower baby down (to be more in the water if you want). With baby on the front and facing in, I felt like the fabric was too low on its back, but I suppose that’s because I’m used to carriers not made for the water and this allows for freedom for water play. It’s made of mesh and neoprene to be quick drying and is for babies about 12-25+ lb.


babywearing carriers

Snuggy Baby has a new fan because yes, their stuff is awesome, but also because the ladies I met were wonderful. I’ve never been a fan of ring slings only because I could never get mine to work right. People LOVE their ring slings and I knew I was missing out on something… so I asked Snuggy Baby. I said my problem was that it always slipped. So we tested out a Snuggy Baby ring sling and wow, that really does get snug! They helped show me how to adjust it and make sure the fabric was spread on the ring. And isn’t this linen chevron print fun?! They also have cotton ring slings, wraps (with slight stretch – so you have less of the sagging problem with heavier babes!), and now… cloth diapers! More on those in my cloth diaper post–and trust me, they’re innovative–you’ll want to see them.


babywearing carriers
I’m going to talk more about the KoalaKin in my breastfeeding wrap-up post because that is what its main use is… but I wanted to mention them here because they were recently approved as a “baby carrier” so they now have that status. YAY! It’s a pouch style carrier to use while breastfeeding and I have lots to say about it because it’s WONDERFUL. So check back for more 🙂

What’s your favorite? Which of these products would you LOVE to have?!

This is NOT a sponsored post, no one asked me to write it, I was not given product or compensated for it… it’s just ALL ME sharing with all of you 🙂 I have not tried all of these carriers, I’m just sharing photos and news.

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