DIY Fairy Costume for Girls

I just posted about the DIY Fairy Costume for Boys that I made for Ryan this year. He was in charge this Halloween and decided that him and his little sister, Rebecca, would both be fairies. Daddy will be Peter Pan and I will be Tinkerbell! He also made it clear that because there isn’t much pixie dust left (it comes from far, far away, you know), Rebecca and I will have to stay grounded as there’s only enough for him to fly……. haha. So here’s my Fairy Costume for Girls!

fairy costume for girls

Rebecca’s girl fairy costume was just as easy to make as Ryan’s… I used a plain long-sleeve brown shirt (actually, all I had was a dress, but it works just the same) and brown leggings. Match that with a tutu and you’re all set! I wanted hers to match Ryan’s “woodland” fairy colors, but you could do this as a flower fairy (pinks and purples) or water fairy (blues) or anything else.

I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy all the tulle to make her tutu… you’ve seen those easy no-sew tutorials, right? Just buy some elastic for the waistband, cut the tulle in strips and loop it around the elastic. WELL… lucky for me… I spotted pre-made ones at Jo-Ann’s AND they were 70% off (one week before Halloween)!!! They had a variety of colors and this one of green, orange, and brown was PERFECT. There was actually a little owl sewn on the front waistband, but I covered it by hot gluing some leaves, like Ryan’s costume.

And because they were 70% off and so cute, I bought two of them and layered them, one near Rebecca’s waist and the other up higher on her chest (although it kept sliding down).

It’s cold here so I just put on her gray flowered hat, but a big hair bow or flowered headband would be cute, too! I got the wings from Crazy 8 on sale for about $10 and just wrapped it around her arms twice to make them fit.

Fairy Costume for Girls

fairy costume for girls

fairy costumes

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