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Disney’s new FROZEN the movie opens in theaters November 27th! We’ve been watching the previews and even just got some fun FROZEN Walmart toys for the kids to play with in preparation for the movie…. we can’t wait to take Ryan to see it! We’re already in love with Olaf the snowman from the movie because “Olaf” was Ryan’s nickname from my Grandpa (who passed away 2 weeks before Ryan was born). So we think it’s a pretty great name 😉

FROZEN the movie

FROZEN the movie #shop

I headed to Walmart to find these FROZEN toys. First, I checked the toy aisle that had all the other Disney movie themed toys and didn’t see anything. On my way out of the toy section, I checked the aisle displays and saw one side was set up with the new FROZEN the movie stuff! YAY! There was a cute talking Olaf plush doll, a FROZEN princess dress-up outfit, two FROZEN dolls (Elsa and Kristoff), and the FROZEN Castle Play Set. Check your Walmart stores (or online) because there is LOTS of fun FROZEN themed stuff!

FROZEN the movie #shop

I decided to get the Castle Play Set and, because the castle is made for the princess dolls, I got Elsa, too. I’ll have to go back to find Princess Anna! Okayyyy, I bought Olaf the plush snowman, too, because–like I said above–it’s a great name 😉 And he’s cute, Rebecca (1.5yo) will love to hear him talk! He’s being saved till Christmas.

FROZEN the movie #shop

The Castle is so fun! I put it together during nap time (and it does take awhile–there are a lot of pieces to put together!) and the kids were so excited when they woke up. You get two castles in one–Anna’s on the left and Elsa’s on the right. Each side has it’s own engaging features including staircases, a couch with pillow or bed with blanket (that also flips into a vanity!), chairs, and little accessories like a vase and perfume bottle. On the outside of the castle, Anna’s doors open up and Elsa has a slide.

FROZEN the movie #shop

I figured these Walmart toys would be more for Ryan, but we all know that what big brother has, little sister wants, too! Rebecca (1.5yo) kept saying “BABY!” at Princess Elsa and kept tucking her in bed with the blanket and saying, “night, night!” She also kept sending the little Olaf toy (included with the Castle play set) down the slide and saying, “Weeeeee!”

FROZEN the movie #shop

Ryan has really entered into imaginative play (he’s almost 4) and I LOVE listening to him play. I was sitting here listening to him in the other room with this FROZEN Castle Play Set and this is what I heard:

“Goodnight, my little princess.”
“Time to wake, dear, you have a big day today! You’re going to your first day of school!”
“Let’s get you out of those dirty clothes. I’ve got your magic wand here.”
“Time for breakfast! Let’s get some food to eat and then it’s off to school!”

And he continually plays with it, coming up with stories and things for Elsa to say and do… too cute. I definitely need to add the Princess Anna doll and the Kristoff doll! The two castles are connected and you can close them together for different play or for storage. The floor pieces fold up and all the furniture pieces and accessories fit nicely inside the Castle.

FROZEN the movie #shop

I found some fun FROZEN inspired recipes and crafts that we might have to try out for a whole night of FROZEN fun once the movie comes out… in theaters November 27th!!! Are you going?!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop for FROZEN the movie has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

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