Citrus Lane: monthly subscription of the BEST toys! (giveaway)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane.

It’s so fun to watch the wonderment of a child with a new toy… as they explore it, let their imaginations run, and fall apart in giggles. But there are SO many toys and games out there, who knows what’s best?! How do we even have the time to research and find them all? Plus, kids can tire of toys so quickly–we try to rotate ours around–so what about a monthly toy service to solve these issues?

Introducing… Citrus Lane. It was created to help parents find innovative products, share information, ask questions, and find inspiration. Citrus Lane’s monthly boxes are like care packages that help moms and dads on their parenting journeys. Plus, every product that’s included in the boxes has been recommended and reviewed by the Citrus Lane advisory board and the community… the products are based off of real recommendations from parents, so you know they’re going to be the best! I like when all the work is done for me 😉

citrus lane
We received our first box from Citrus Lane a couple of weeks ago. Seeing it on our front door was already exciting (I told Ryan it a surprise of new toys!) and I can only imagine that receiving one each month would feel like Christmas all year long! A gift that not only my kids are excited for, but I am, too… to see their excitement, to discover new products they’ll love, and–let’s be honest–to get mom some moments of free time 😉

citrus lane

This box from Citrus Lane had a lot of great items and a few surprises! There was a Cool It Buddy instant cold 2-pack, Green Tones wooden train whistle, Water Bugs from Boon, and a copy of Baby Bug kids magazine (for ages 0-3) from Cricket. The entire box was awesome for both my kids–there were things for both my 3yo son and my 21-month-old daughter. Rebecca didn’t make it off the kitchen floor with the Baby Bug magazine, haha, she had to check it out right away!

citrus lane

And one of the surprises? A postcard with a 3-month digital subscription to the Baby Bug Magazine! Rebecca will be thrilled when she gets more of those–and the pages aren’t ones that she can tear, which makes me happy 😉 Ryan is obsessed with the train whistle and I’m thankful that it actually doesn’t make a terribly annoying, loud whistle–it’s a gentle little whistle and it’s great. The Cool It Buddy packs have been stored for using later when needed.

citrus lane

Another surprise?! The bottom of the Citrus Lane box had fun punch-outs… mustaches and a pink ribbon. It was for the month of November and raising awareness for women’s health (breast cancer) and men’s health. Just another little fun thing for the kids to be used for some cute pictures or dress up play! And a wonderful way to teach them about some important issues.

citrus lane

This is an awesome monthly award-winning subscription service that puts a fun box at your door each month, filled with the best items for ages newborn to age 5. You can enter in your child’s birthday and sex so your box is tailored to your kid.

What you receive in your box each month is a surprise! But you can expect a selection of top toys, books, snacks, and personal care products. Check out the subscription plans and order by Dec. 5th for the best deals this year! You can join for $25/month, but you get discounts for the more months you sign up for: $18.67/month for a 3-month subscription, $17.50/month for a 6-month subscription, or just $16.33/month for a 12-month subscription.

citrus lane

Citrus Lane also recently launched their Shop. It’s loaded with the best products from Citrus Lane so you can choose and shop as you please!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane. New customers who purchase a subscription will receive $10.00 off their first month with code BLOGPOST. Expires 12/31/2013.

Offer Terms: Discount may only be applied to subscriptions purchased by new Citrus Lane customers. It cannot be applied to gift subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew to full retail price, $25 per month. You may cancel anytime.

For more information, visit

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to Citrus Lane! Please use the form below to enter–good luck! 🙂 Open to continental US, 18+ ONLY.

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