A gift for the husband AND son!

I remember playing with these when I was a kid… I was in some “smart kid” group in elementary school and we staying in during recess time some days to build with these in the school library. Too cool, right?!

Now, it’s funny to hear the stories from my mother-in-law about how my husband used to sit in their basement for hours on end building these, too. She’d have to call him up for dinner after he had sat down there all day… making creations!

So… this gift idea was a no brainer! I’m honestly not sure who will be more excited: my husband or our son. The toy set (are you just dying by now to know what it is?!) is a little advanced for our son (he’s almost 4), but he LOVES things like this so it’s the perfect gift for the two of them to work on together… and my husband (who’s now an engineer–related?! I think so!) gets to be a kid again!

It’s the…. K’NEX Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster!

roller coasters

K’NEX makes a lot of great toys–more my husband and son would enjoy–but I specifically remember my husband talking about roller coasters when he was a kid. I remember making a giant ferris wheel. They’ll have so much fun building this together and then seeing all their hard work pay off as the coasted car speeds through!

There’s over 640 pieces and 19 feet of swirling, non-stop action! It stands almost 3 feet tall–as big as my kid! 😉 Once you’re done with that (although why would you ever be?!) you can even download special instructions to make another set… the Tsunami Surge Coaster! Two rollercoasters in one–great deal!

roller coasters

So if you want to surprise your kids AND your husband, check out the K’NEX roller coasters 🙂 You can find this one, the Typhoon Frenzy, exclusively at Toys R Us for $39.99. And right now you can buy one K’NEX and get the second for 40% off! ((2 AA batteries are required for motorized function and are NOT included in the box, fyi!))

Make sure you also find K’NEX on facebook and twitter! I received product to facilitate this post, but all opinions are my own! And my husband’s child-like joy is all his 😉

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