‘Tis the season to go shopping (at Zulily)!

~Product was received to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own–I truly am a Zulily shopaholic.

Ryan was born at the end of 2009 and Zulily launched in 2010… it was fate. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve purchased from Zulily over the years… for my kids, of course, and as Zulily has expanded, for myself, friends, and our home, too! They release new sales every day and products are at an average of 50% off. I find things on Zulily that I’ve been waiting to buy and I also discover new brands, boutique items, and must-have gifts.



I just went to Zulily– just to get the link – and ended up distracted for 20 minutes looking through the new sales, haha. They ALWAYS have good stuff! Recently they styled some outfits for Ryan! I was so excited because there is plenty of adorable clothes out there for girls, but I have a harder time finding the cute stuff for boys. Ohhhh, Zulily did an amazing job! We got 2 outfits and a pair of shoes and all the pieces mix and match and… when did my baby boy get so big?!

When the package arrived, I told Ryan it was for him so we opened it together and there was nothing but “Oooooooh!!” and “YAYYYYY!!!” coming from him. He was so excited a package was for him and this boy loves his clothes 😉


Loooooove! Ryan insists on wearing “comfy” pants, which usually means sweats and it’s a struggle to put on any jeans. These pants are thankfully comfy, by Ryan’s standards, but they’re also super stylish! My little stud!zulily

Normally Ryan refuses to have his picture taken. He’s almost 4yo and he’ll just put his hand out in front of his face… so the fact that he stood nicely in front of the tree and actually looked at my camera? I couldn’t stop snapping pics, haha. In the bottom right photos shown above he’s showing me that he has learned how to zip (“I knew I could do it!”) and how much he LOVES the secret pocket inside the hoodie… “Mom, look in my secret pocket! I have a surprise or two for you!” He brings me presents–usually ornaments from the tree 😉


Now here’s another day and I couldn’t take his picture… I had to use my iPhone and sneak these pics in while he was watching TV, lol, the little stinker. This is the other Zulily outfit–more ADORABLE (stylish) blue pants, a great t-shirt, new shoes, and I paired them with that same zip-up hoodie he loves so much.

I have hoodies with the holes cut in the sleeves for my thumbs and Ryan always asks me why my clothes have holes in them. He was thrilled to see his new hoodie with them! “Look! Mom! It’s just like yours! Now we’re the same!”

Zulily is a fun place to shop to get great deals on amazing brands and products for moms, babies, and kids. I can find awesome stuff for our house, gifts for friends and family, boutique stuff for the kids, even boots and scarves and purses and (should I go on?!) for me! Check it out! You can also find Zulily on Facebook and Twitter.

~Product was received to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own–I truly am a Zulily shopaholic.

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