PickURGift: the reverse wishlist!

This is a sponsored campaign with PickURGift and the Mums the Word Blogger Network. All opinions are my own.

It’s the countdown to Christmas! I cannot believe it’s ONE WEEK AWAY! Seriously, where did the year go? I got started with my gift shopping over a month ago and thought I was so on top of things… but here we are, just a few days to go, and I’m not done yet. Some people are just impossible to buy for, right?!

Do you still have people on your list? Who’s your person that has everything, is hard to please, and just so hard to shop for? Now there’s a great way to save gift ideas throughout the year so you’re never stuck without one. I always see things when I’m out that I think would be great for a certain person, but by the time comes to shop (birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.) I have forgotten about it! Or maybe I heard them mention how much they love that new shop or need new boots or want something for their office.


With PickURGift you can create a Reverse Wishlist! Instead of adding things to it that YOU want, add things you want to buy for other people! You can save up your ideas over the year and always have a list to choose from when in need.


Simply sign up at PickURGift for an account (name, email – it’s easy) and then choose your browser to install the UR button in your toolbar. With Chrome, I just had to drag the button image up to my toolbar and it was ready to use!


While you’re looking around online, just click the UR button and you can select WHO the gift is for and what image from the page you want to save. I love the customized shirts from Sign My Shirt because they’re great gifts for ANY occasion so I wanted to save that idea for my husband’s birthday. While on their website, I clicked the UR button in my toolbar and a little menu pops up:


For STEP 1 (Who): you can add a new person, select “Nobody yet” if you aren’t sure or it’s a general gift idea, or “My Wish list” for yourself. I created a new one, “Steve.”

For STEP 2 (Gift Page): you can select the occasion. This is an idea for Steve’s birthday so I created a new gift page, “Birthday.” But you can create one for anything–Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Housewarming, Retirement, etc.


Once your person and gift page are created, you can add your gift idea. Select the image from the webpage you want to include and put in a title and description. Then you can close out that pop up and continue your web surfing or you can go to see the gift page you just added to!


Having a Reverse Wishlist is awesome enough, but PickURGift has more great features. On a gift page you can see your saved items and you can share! Add it to the public gift list section for other PickURGift members or email it to your own friends and family for opinions! Maybe a bunch of you are going in on a gift together or you need help with color or sizing options… PickURGift makes it easy.

With the Public Gift List on PickURGift you can get more ideas–you can search for gifts by gender, age range, occasion, or gift type. You can set reminders for specific occasions, see gift lists sent to you, and add friends on PickURGift. I love that I can create reverse wishlists for my kids and then send and share those with grandma and grandpa!


Now I’m off to fill in my dashboard with important dates and more gift ideas! When you sign up at PickURGift, friend me! 🙂 You can also find PickURGift on Facebook and Twitter!

This is a sponsored campaign with PickURGift and the Mums the Word Blogger Network. All opinions are my own.

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