Planning a Pirate Party!

Ryan turned 4 at the end of December and we had his birthday party last weekend! He’s been obsessed with Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell (remember his Halloween Fairy Costume)? So, of course, we were planning a pirate party! You can check my Pirate Party Pinterest Board for more ideas, too. I’ll link to all the products at the end of the post so you can find what you need.

planning a pirate party

I got the pirate party invites and matching thank-you cards from Tiny Prints. Yea, I haven’t sent those thank-you cards yet… next on my list 😉 I looked around at other pirate party invites to get ideas for the text.

pirate party

A treasure hunt would be fun for a bunch of kids, but Ryan’s party was mainly family and not too many kids came so I just had Ryan do a treasure hunt at the start of his party. My mom made the treasure map and Ryan was so excited! We had images matching the ones drawn on the map throughout the house that Ryan had to find and at each “station” was a pirate prize: an eye patch, a sword, a pirate hat, and pirate socks. The treasure at “X marks the spot!” was an awesome Jake pop-up pirate ship.

pirate party

I also found a wooden ship anchor (Oriental Trading, $8). I painted it blue and had guests sign it! We’re going to hang it in Ryan’s bedroom and it has 3 hooks on it for Ryan to hand hats, toys, or whatever he comes up with. I only had tubes of puffy paint and it worked just fine, but if I had planned more ahead I would have bought some paint pens that would have been a lot easier to use.

Pirate mugs in red and black were filled with pirate booty… stickers, balls, treasure maps, tattoos, pencils, coins, and more fun stuff.

pirate party

Our cupcakes were from a local shop, Sugar Jones, and we always go there… they’re the best. I put pirate rings on top of some and pirate party picks on others. I found the pirate ship cupcake stand at Oriental Trading for $8. It’s made of foam and you just snap all the pieces together–super cute. You can use it afterwards, too, as a decoration for pirate figures.

pirate party

We had Pirates Booty, of course! I made those cute pirate ship jello cups… 2 boxes of 3-oz blue jello made about 12 of those plastic 9-oz clear cups. Stick an orange slice on top with a pirate flag.

We had a cardboard treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and pirate-themed sweet creams. Two large Jolly Roger flags decorated the house–one above the food table and one over the fireplace. We had pirate hats and eye patches for guests.

pirate party

A skeleton cutout marked the bathroom door (kept closed so the little ones don’t play in the toilet, ha).

Blue Hawaiian Punch filled our beverage dispenser with “sea water.”

pirate party

I used a decorative fish net. It was large enough that I could cut it and use some across the kitchen table (over a gray tablecloth) and some across our large kitchen window with a “happy birthday” banner.

pirate party

Pirate Grub:

Catch of the Day: sandwiches (turkey and roast beef on hawaiian rolls)
Polly’s Cracker’s
Bricks of Gold: cheese cubes (with plastic sword toothpicks)
Shark Bait: goldfish
Canon Balls: meatballs
Gold Nuggets: chicken tenders
Guac the Plank: guacamole and chips
Captain Hook’s Pretzels (scooped up with a Hook)
Sea Water: blue hawaiian punch
Pirate Ships: blue jello with orange slices
Pirate’s Booty

pirate party

I made all the food signs myself. I just used a blank white square in PicMonkey with the “Jellyka Delicious Cake” font. I inserted all of them into a Word doc and printed… easy.

My mom made this great pirate ship cake! We found it on Pinterest and I asked her to attempt it. We ALMOST labeled it a “pinterest fail,” haha, but I think it looks pretty good! Thanks, mom!

I got a lot of these ideas from Notable Nest so I thought I should give her some credit! Plus, she did everything 10x better, lol, so go check out her post… the treasure map & hunt, Captain Hook’s pretzels (which she used as a game, too), and her awesome cake (so you can see why ours is a “fail,” lol).

pirate party

pirate party

pirate party

Planning a Pirate Party:

Invites & thank-you cards: Tiny Prints
Cupcakes: Sugar Jones (Rockford IL local)

Pirate Flags (6″x 4″ on sticks)
Pirate Party Hangers (decor)
Skeleton door hanger
Pirate Dinner Plates (gray & black)
Pirate Happy Birthday Banner
Pirate Dessert Plates (red)
Pirate Flag Banner
Pirate Balloon
Pirate Stickers
Silver (Gray) Tablecover
Black Drink Napkins
Red party cups

Chocolate coins
Pirate hats (set of 12)
Assortment of Pirate Toys
Pirate Mugs (set of 12)
Pirate Sweet Creams

Pirate’s Booty
Cardboard Treasure Chest
Large Jolly Roger Flags
“Beware of Pirates” door sign
Pirate Hook Hand
Pirate Party Picks
Plastic Sword Toothpicks
Fish Net decor
Pirate Tattoos
Pirate Cupcake Rings

2 comments to Planning a Pirate Party!

  • joanna garcia

    I love all of the stuff especially the pirate bootie ( jello shots with orange slices, the cupcake w rings, etc) totally awesome! my kids are obsessed with jake and the neverland pirate too! What a great party he must have had!


  • Awww, thanks so much for the shout-out. I had a BLAST reading about your pirate party! Everything turned out wonderfully. What a great memento from the party that personalized anchor is … your guy will absolutely “treasure” it!

    Thanks again : )


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