Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer (giveaway)

When you have a little baby, you fill your house with this baby gear to help keep them happy or keep them asleep or just to make your life a little bit easier, right? So then what happens when you head over to your parents’ house or a friend’s? I remember those days… and often tried to pack up bouncers or seats that weren’t meant to be packed up and traveled with… mumbling as I tried desperately to shove it in the trunk, haha.

That is why I am LOVING the new Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love. It’s great for your house and it’s great for grandma’s… and it’ll get there EASILY! We were sent one to review and I am wishing I had it when my littles were littler!

Take Along Bouncer

The Take Along Bouncer doesn’t require any assembly, you just unfold and it’s ready to go. The design allows your baby to gently bounce with their kicking feet and wiggly bodies and the seat is at a semi-upright position that I think it perfect. It lets baby see the world or be close to your face while you sit nearby. In my experience, these more basic bouncers are the best so baby isn’t overstimulated and can relax while taking in their surroundings.

Take Along Bouncer

But what makes this Take Along Bouncer EVEN BETTER?! That you can fold it up and transport it! You just have to watch the fold:

AND it comes with a carrying case that has long drawstrings that allow you to carry it over your shoulder. It couldn’t get easier. But before you think it’s TOO easy… you do have to do two things to get it to fold (so your baby won’t be able to do it, no worries). You twist a piece on the back and push a button at the bottom of the front and it collapses. To open it you just unfold and twist the back piece and it’ll click and be locked in place. Still easy 😉

take along bouncerBaby Stella loves it! She’s 5 months old and has plenty of space in Tiny Love’s Take Along Bouncer!

The seat itself is comfortable with nice mesh sides to allow for breathability. The fabric IS machine washable (cold) and you just unhook it in a few places from the base and it slides right off (and won’t be a mystery to put back on, either). Lay it flat or hang it to air dry (no dryer recommended).

take along bouncer

Another amazing feature… the price. Tiny Love’s new Take Along Bouncer comes in a stylish red or green and you can find it online at Amazon for $39.99.

take along bouncer

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own Take Along Bouncer from Tiny Love! Please use the form below to enter–good luck! 🙂

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