Creating a quiet space for kids

There’s so much parenting advice out there for you to read–on every topic imaginable. As we’ve gone through the “terrible twos” and the “threenager” years with Ryan (and we’re about to with Rebecca), I feel like I’ve read it all. And you know what it all says? Every kid is different. One article will say do this and the next article will say do that. What works for one kid, won’t work for another. I’ve tried a lot of different tactics and this is one I really like and so do the kids, so I thought I’d share.

Quite Space.

It just SOUNDS nice, doesn’t it? We try not to take “negative” actions. You know how they say your child isn’t giving you a hard time, your child is having a hard time. So time-outs kind of seem to kick them when they’re down. No worries, we’ve done time-outs and sometimes we still do. But I like quiet space for kids, or quiet time, instead.

If my child is having a hard time, we need to pause. We need to find out why, we need to take deep breaths, we need to start over. Ryan is catching on to quiet time and will now actually announce on his own that he needs it. He’ll tell me he needs quiet time away from me or away from Rebecca, his little sister. Great! He takes 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, and comes back refreshed–and that lets ME refresh, too.

quite space for kids

1. Each kid needs their own space. A lot of our troubles come from the 2 kids wanting what the other has, arguing over toys, sharing, etc. They each need their OWN retreat. If you use one table, make sure there are two chairs. We use the chair desks from Delta Children and they are so perfect. They fit my 4-year-old and my (almost) 2-year-old with plenty of room to grow. It makes them feel like they have their own protective area for quiet time.

2. Put the quiet space somewhere… quiet! Maybe it can be in their bedroom. Or in your living/dining room if they don’t get much traffic. When your kids retreat to their quiet space, they shouldn’t be bothered by noise or distractions (especially from other kids).

3. Make it calming. We added little cushions to the chair desks so it’s comfy. There are blankets nearby. We put them in our living room facing the windows so they can look outside. I catch Ryan spacing out sometimes 😉 Decorate with blues and yellows. Make stress balls to leave there. Add some lavender aromatherapy (those Scentsy plush animals are great).

quiet space for kids

4. Give them something to do. Both of our kids love to color and look at books. Another reason these Delta Children chair desks are perfect–there’s a little cloth drawer underneath the seat. We fill it with books and coloring books and crayons. They can help themselves! Ryan has activity books in his, too. He likes mazes. This helps them take the time they need to calm down and regroup. These chair desks have a cup holder, too, that we can fill with crayons. When they eat snacks here, it’s also great for drinks.

quiet space for kids

5. Respect their space. Moms need quiet time sometimes, too, right? Where do you get your quiet time? I usually head upstairs to my bedroom and close the door for a minute or two. I don’t want to be bothered and I want my space to be MY space. The same respect should be allowed for your kids. Let them help in decorating it or setting it up so it really feels special for them. Hang their artwork on the walls nearby.

6. Don’t make it a punishment. I found myself yelling more often when it was to say “You’ve got a time out! Go to your room!” Talking about a “quiet space” was just automatically more calming for me. Crouch down to their level, whisper so they have to get quiet to listen, and suggest they take some time for themselves in their very special, comforting, quiet space. Like I said, Ryan now takes himself there before issues even arise.

quiet space for kids

Do you have a special quiet space for kids? What’s it like?

If you’re wondering, we have the Fairies chair desk for Ryan and the Sesame Street chair desk for Rebecca. Delta Children has a lot of fun ones like Mickey and Minnie, The Little Mermaid, Spiderman, Cars, Princesses, and more. They’re only about $40-50 on Amazon(aff)… if you want to use them for your quiet space for kids, too 🙂

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