Workouts to do with your kids!

One of my goals for 2014 is to lose about 5 to 10 pounds. After 2 babies, I’m still about that far away from my pre-pregnancy weight and our youngest turns TWO next month! I think I’ve held onto the baby weight long enough. Time to say goodbye!

workouts to do with your kids

We have a gym membership and I need to start going more often (with help from these motivational quotes!) I also want to improve our meal planning. When meals are planned each week, I snack less. I also plan healthier meals with more fresh foods.

These are great tips to keep in mind when trying to meet your healthy eating goals… “What most people don’t realize is that it’s not really that complicated.” Tip #17 for a Great Start with Team Kellogg’s:

I never avoid any food groups so I’m glad to see that on here. And chocolate is a food group, right? The one you’re supposed to eat the most of? Right. Thought so 😉

Point #2 shown above is my favorite because I feel like that is what it’s really all about. Everything in moderation! If you’re eating out or having extra dessert, make sure you’re burning those extra calories that day, too. But as mom of two, I know it can be difficult sometimes to get in the time to exercise. I love things I can do WITH my kids, who are 4 and (almost) 2, so here are some workouts to do with your kids!

workouts to do with your kids

1. Stroller walks. The kids love it and it’s good for you. Make it a habit each morning or maybe after dinner with your husband, too. When you get used to this, maybe you can move up to jogging with the stroller!

2. Jump rope (for the older kids) or jumping jacks (for the younger ones). Both will get your heart pumping and the kids will love it.

3. Weekly competition nights. Make a family event of it! Do animal races (hop like a bunny, squat and jump like a frog, etc.). Race while doing the crab or bear walk. Sprint like a cheetah. Have stations, track time, and celebrate when it’s over.

4. Dance party! This one is our favorite. Get the kids even more involved by taking turns picking out a favorite song. Hop and dance around!

5. The “push down.” Lay on your back and put your legs straight up in the air. Your kids will have a blast trying to push your legs down to the floor while you try your hardest to keep them up. Great ab workout for you and fun competition for the kids. But when one of them climbs onto your belly for better positioning, don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

6. Playtime add-ons. Get some little workouts in wherever you can! Squat between pushing your kid on the swing set. Try some pull-ups on the monkey bars. Do some crunches between turns during a board game. Plank it during commercials.

7. Work with the seasons. Trim trees or plant flowers in the spring, mow the lawn or go swimming in the summer, rake leaves in the fall (while the kids jump in them, of course!), and shovel snow in winter. Our 4-year-old has his own little shovel and he gets so excited to help out.

8. Run up and down the stairs. Be careful with this one, it’s probably best for older kids and definitely take turns so you aren’t running at the same time and cause an accident! But stair workouts are great and your kids will enjoy sliding down the stairs 🙂

Sometimes we think that if we can’t get to the gym or get a full 1-hour video workout in, there’s nothing we can do. But, really, anything is better than nothing! Grab the 20 minutes when you can to get your blood moving and heart pumping. You’ll feel better and it will always be worth it. Don’t forget to start your day with breakfast cereal to recharge and get you moving! Another great thing to do with your kids and a good habit for them to learn, too.

workouts to do with your kidsOur favorite way to start the day: Kellogg’s Special K with strawberries, a banana, and orange juice

These are super easy ideas for workouts to do WITH your kids that really make it a win-win-win: you exercise, you spend more time with your kids, and your kids (and you!) have fun! “Meet your healthy eating goals. Simply,” was tip #17 for a great start with Team Kellogg’s. You can find more Great Starts Tips here:

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