Meet Oreo & Dolce! (back seat barrier for dogs)

Product was received to facilitate this review of the back seat barrier for dogs. Article is written by blog contributor, Tara S, and all opinions & photos are her own!

Meet Oreo and Dolce


There is nothing more uncomfortable than a 60lb Boxer trying to straddle your lap in the passenger seat of a car. Before my husband and I met, his Boxer (Oreo) would always get to sit in the passenger seat during car rides. Needless to say, Oreo wasn’t the happiest camper when I came into their life and laid claim to the passenger seat. We fought about this for months! During our dating period, we lived just five minutes apart, so Oreo went on car rides often. She also gets to go to work with my husband every day. On occasion, she would manage to sneak in between the seats and land all 60lbs of her on my poor legs. This resulted in multiple weeks during the summer months that I could simply not wear shorts due to the embarrassing bruising on my thighs. Ever since then, I have been looking for a product that is convenient to use, adaptable to different vehicle sizes, and is not a total eyesore like some of those cage-like barriers.

The Auto Dog Fence Barrier from Dog Fence DIY was a lifesaver! When I opened the packaging, I was surprised to find that that it was already put together. The box contained the barrier and instructions for installation. So simple!

back seat barrier for dogs

The installation process was quick and simple! To attach the top section, we had to remove the vehicle headrests and hook the fasteners around the headrest adjustment bars before putting them back in. This process secured the top and we were able to adequately adjust the straps to fit either vehicle. To secure the bottom section, there were hooks that connected to bottoms of the seats. These were also easily adjusted to fit either vehicle and keep the Back Seat Barrier taut against the front seats.

back seat barrier for dogsDolce appreciated the view!

As you can see, the barrier has mesh openings on the top and bottom of it. The bottom opening proved helpful in my husband’s vehicle (Trailblazer) because it was positioned right in front of the vents. It didn’t make much of a difference in my Corolla. The top opening was more helpful for the dogs than anyone else because they were still able to see what was going on.

back seat barrier for dogs

Another benefit of the barrier is the pouch in the back for dog supplies, which also doubles as a cup holder when the dogs are not along for the ride. They literally thought of everything! While driving, the Back Seat Barrier was entirely unnoticeable. It did not obstruct visibility at all, especially when I had to look back to change lanes.

Although the dogs were not as thrilled about the back seat barrier as we were, they were more relaxed passengers on the next car ride. The barrier removed the temptation of sneaking into the front of the car, while still allowing them to see what was going on. As a driver, I find that I am not as distracted while driving anymore. I feel safer knowing that my dogs are contained in the back.

You can find more great supplies at the Dog Fence DIY shop and get your own back seat barrier for dogs for $45.95 (and the more you buy, the cheaper they get)!

back seat barrier for dogs

Product was received to facilitate this review of the back seat barrier for dogs. Article is written by blog contributor, Tara S, and all opinions & photos are her own!

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