Private Lives of Nashville Wives: premiere on TNT

So last night was the premiere episode of the new TV show Private Lives of Nashville Wives! It airs every Monday night on TNT at 10/9c. Did you tune in last night?! There was a twitter party, too, with the Nashville Wives!

Set in and around the capital of the high-stakes country music business, Private Lives of Nashville Wives will follow a group of accomplished, opinionated and driven women as they deal with professional challenges, family issues and social relationships.

nashville wives

It starts out with some great clips that got me interested… “behind every sugar coated southern smile… is a hard-edged truth.” It looks like there are some great story lines mixed in with a little bit of drama, of course! Wonder what a “fun sponge” is? Want to know who said, “I didn’t cheat, it was just a little kiss!” and “if it has fins, furs, or feathers… I have it!” There’s a marriage or two in the spotlight, a rising star, and close friendships that may have gotten a little too close. Ready to meet the wives (and their men)?!

Sarah Davidson wants to be the “next big thing” and she’s really hoping to win over Nashville. Can she do it?! I think she’s pretty good (and I’m not a country music fan). She’s married to Dallas Davidson (ACM singer/songwriter of the year) and in this episode they’re headed to the CMT Awards and Sarah gets to perform on stage during CMA Week! They seem supportive of each other and like a cute couple.

Erika White is a former soap star turned stay-at-home-mom for the past 10 years to their sons. Bryan White is a singer, songwriter, and producer in Nashville. Erika struggles a little with the “stay at home mom” title and I can certainly relate!!! After 10 years at home, she opens the show burning sausage and asking how to make it… I can relate with that, too, haha. So I like her 😉 She’s thinking about going back into acting now that their kids are both in school… guess this show is a good start!

Cassie Chapman was a Hooters girl and darn proud. She might be a gold digger, but seems nice to me (so far) so we’ll see! She’s married to Gary Chapman (Christian singer/songwriter) who used to be married to Amy Grant. He is getting back into music and touring now.

Jenny Terrell works with LivingSocial (VP of North American sales–wow!). She said she went from her fun and partying lifestyle to BAM–married and impregnated! It happens, doesn’t it? Her husband, JT Terrell, owns a huge party supplier in Nashville. This is the “you can do it all” couple, seriously… will they have another little one soon?!

Ana Fernandez is a sassy Latin twin sister that rides a pink blinged-out vespa with a dog that rides in the back. She’s a “ball-buster” and it looks like her and her identical twin sister Betty are going to be the interesting pair in Nashville Wives. They’re already cracking me up… the scenes with the pig?! Haha, yea. “I love bacon, I just don’t want to look at the pig that provided the bacon.”–I am WITH YOU, Betty! Raul is married to Betty–he’s the lead singer of country band The Mavericks and I’m pretty sure he has his hands quite full with these sisters.

Nashville Wives

You can check out more at TNT’s page for the show, Private Lives of Nashville Wives. Don’t forget to tune in next week, Monday, March 3rd at 10/9c! Follow along on twitter with the show (@PrivateLivesTNT) and the hashtag #NashvilleWives. I’ll be reminding you to watch and tweeting during the shows, too, so find @babydickey and tweet with me!

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