Private Lives of Nashville Wives: episode 2 recap

Did you watch last night? I’ve gotten myself hooked on this reality show and I usually never watch them anymore! We got more into each story line last night and got to know each of the Wives a bit better. I’ve definitely changed my mind on a few… Here’s a recap of episode 2 of the Private Lives of Nashville Wives!

Nashville Wives

This week started out at Erika and Bryan’s home and Erika was showing off one of her favorite things to Cassie… an empty closet. What?! Okay, I WISH I had space in my house for something as crazy as an empty closet, haha. Ours are all filled till they almost can’t close unless it’s all juuuuust right! She also shows Cassie a drawer in her bedroom. She said the secret to 16 years of marriage is… themes. Yep, the kinds of themes that hide in bedroom drawers 😉 Her two boys are going on the road with their dad and Erika is so nervous! It’s funny to watch her pack the bags and send them off because I can totally relate! And I can’t wait to see what fun she has with her alone time—something she pretty much never gets!

Nashville Wives

Now we see more of Cassie and Gary. Apparently he had nothing when she met him so I’ll go ahead and vote NO on the golddigger issue. And there’s a BABY! They tried for 2 years to get pregnant and eventually adopted. We meet Eva Rose and her birth mother who is stopping over to drop off breast milk (whooo!). I guess the birth mom, Chelsea, has 10 days to change mind and keep her baby and so far, Cassie and Gary have had Eva for 5 days… 5 more nerve-wracking days to go! As I watched the birth mom hold her baby and Cassie and Gary look on, I got all teary. I just cannot imagine those emotions–on both sides. Cassie and Gary are planning a “Sip ‘n See” for day 10 when Eva becomes theirs for real (I had a Sip ‘n See for Rebecca!) By the way… their house is gorgeous.

Nashville Wives home

We get to meet Sarah Davidson’s band! They’re on the road playing shows at different venues. They’re preparing for a new place they’ve never been to before so I can’t wait to see how it goes later in the episode…

PS – Love the between scene shots of Nashville. Cowboys and cowboy boots! And very pretty scenery 😉

Girls night! As Erika is finally home alone without the kids (or husband), she plans a night out with the gang. NashVegas! They hit the town in a limo (I mean, of course!) and Erika picked a “honky tonk” bar: Swingin’ Doors—where country is key! The bar wasn’t the most happening place and all the Nashville Wives started picking on Ericka for throwing a bummer party. Aww, I felt bad for her! As a stay/work-at-home-mom myself, I know what it’s like to rarely go out and not have any idea what the “hot spots” in town are.

Highlights of their night: Cassie got Erika a beer maid outfit to add to her collection of bedroom “themes.” Ana starts the bar hula-hooping and dancing. Shots are bought.

Nashville Wives

Erika wouldn’t take a shot, wouldn’t dance with any guys (“out of respect for her husband”), and wouldn’t put on her beer maid outfit. The Nashville Wives picked on her some more 🙁 I feel her pain! Sometimes when I go out (those rare moments) I feel like such an old lady–usually in bed by 9pm and tired all the time! Then Ana comes out of the bathroom wearing Erika’s new beer maid outfit… nice.

Then we get to see Sarah’s show. It didn’t go so well. No one was paying attention or even clapping and Sarah was feeling pretty down about it–I would, too!

Off to Cassie’s Sip ‘n See for baby Eva! They’re watching the clock and counting down till 2:30pm… the 10-day deadline when Eva becomes officially theirs!!! Of COURSE Gary’s phone starts going off near the deadline… so what happened?! Did Chelsea the birth mother want Eva back? Or is Eva Cassie’s and Gary’s?! I’ll make you watch to find out 😉

And we end the show with Jen and Ana having a chat at Jen’s “treehouse” home. Ya know, I thought I liked Jen and her “do it all” success, but she came off a bit rude in this episode–making unkind comments to the other ladies and picking on them. Her and Ana decide to tell Erika she’s a fun sponge–I’m not sure what benefit would come out of that. If Erika doesn’t want to take shots at the bar, who gives a crap?

Nashville Wives


So next week’s episode looks like an interesting one… and with a name like “Behind Closed Doors” I’m sure it will be! Will Jen and Ana have that uncomfortable talk with Erika? Erika takes photos to get back into modeling, but seems disappointed by the outcome, Jen talks about another baby?!, and they discuss Sarah’s marriage with Dallas like there’s a problem (but it has all looked good so far to me?! Last week I even commented on their support for each other!).

Tune it to the Private Lives of Nashville Wives every Monday night on TNT at 10/9 cst! Follow along on twitter, too, with the hashtag #NashvilleWives–I’ll be there, but–probably more importantly–the Nashville Wives are on there chatting with fans, too!

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