How do you spend your tax refund? ($100 Amazon Giveaway)

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Ahhh, it’s that time of year, again. It always seems to come back around too quickly, doesn’t it?! Dreaded tax time. It can be stressful! We try to stay organized throughout the year so that when it comes time to file taxes, a lot of the work is already done. We have a filing cabinet with folders for receipts, expenses, purchases, etc. I also keep a folder in my email account for things related to taxes–receipts for business expenses or payments.

Things for us get a little more complicated at tax time because of my self-employment and working from home! I get paid for freelance work throughout the year and none of it has had any taxes taken out so I need to pay up! This year I believe we will end up paying some taxes rather than receiving a refund (I know, sob sob), but last year we got a refund.

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I know many people look forward to this time of year like an extra paycheck and a time to make some much needed (or wanted) purchases. Honestly, I’m going to be the responsible nerd and say our tax refund would go right into savings. It’s not “extra” money, it’s money we earned by working hard the previous year (and happened to give too much of it back to the government). But what are some other great ways to spend your tax refund? What will you spend it on?

  • Pay the accountant that you used to help you with your taxes. 😉
  • Pay off your debt! Pay credit card bills, school loans, or put it toward your car or mortgage.
  • Add to your emergency fund—do you have at least a 6 month safety net? If so, then add it to your retirement fund.
  • Something new for your home office (if you’re self employed and work from home like me, that’s a write-off for next year!) like a new computer or printer.
  • Along those lines, spend it on advancing your career—a great return on an investment. Take classes, get a new certification, or go to a conference.
  • Maintenance on your home or car—another great return. Maybe your furnace or water heater is about to go or you need to patch the roof. Look into energy tax credits with more efficient appliances. Get new car tires. You can save money by fixing things before they turn into major problems.
  • Okay, something fun: take a little family vacation—even a local “staycation”—to relax after tax season.

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~Written in a partnership with All opinions are my own!

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