Toys for Growing Toddlers: Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber

~Product was received from Step2 to facilitate this review. All opinions, photos, and videos are of my contributor, Joanna.

These days, little E is a ball of energy. When she turned 15 months old, I felt like all she wanted to do was climb, run, and use her body in a BIG way. Unfortunately, her 15 month “birthday” came right around December. Talk about cabin fever! I knew we needed to find a way that she could use up some of that energy. That’s why I was SO excited when Emily offered the Play Ball Fun Climber from Step2 for us to review.

The climber came in several large pieces. Right around Christmas Little E was gifted one of those kitchen sets. If you’ve owned one of these you know they are a BEAR to put together. Literally hundreds of little plastic pieces. When I started to unpack the Step2 box that held the Play Ball Fun Climber, my husband got more than a little nervous (read: he sat on the couch and asked me why I was doing this to him AGAIN). Luckily there were not NEARLY as many pieces as the kitchen.

fun climber by step2

We got it put together in way under an hour. I do recommend using a drill, which is not included as a “tool” you need in the instructions. You will have to drill screws in to the plastic and that calls for the strength of 10,000 men, not a husband & wife. With the drill it was easy.

Being that it is winter, I was a little worried that we would not be able to put the climber in the house. Luckily it’s just the right size! I love having something in the house that little E can be active with. Step2 does recommend a stable surface for the climber to sit on.

Play Ball Fun Climber by Step2

At this point we have been playing with it for about 3 weeks. At first I was nervous about leaving her to play on it “alone”—meaning, I’m not RIGHT there. Fortunately, she pretty quickly mastered this toy and now I know I can let her play on it while I load the dishwasher or put in a load of laundry.

I love that the Play Ball Fun Climber has a 3 level ball drop—little E loves balls! She loves to take them out of the tub and she loves to put them down the ball drop. I like this feature a lot more than some of the other climbers I have seen. We can even play with the balls separately from the 3 tier drop! Plus, Little E LOVES water and the tub the balls fall in has a drain so that you can fill the tub with water. This feature will definitely be used when we can put the climber outside!

Step2's Fun Climber

As Little E grows I am finding that it is a good idea to have a variety of toys. The Play Ball Fun Climber can help your child develop their gross motor skills when they climb and slide and develop their fine motor skills by playing with the ball drop. I really have noticed a difference in Little E’s coordination after getting this toy. She is getting more comfortable going up stairs (we have none in our house) and is getting better at sliding down the slide. Both essential skills when you are 18 months old! =)

Here is some information about the Play Ball Fun Climber from Step2:

  • Climb the stairs to access the platform and pretend to be a pirate protecting the ship
  • Crawl space underneath is a great place for children to hide during hide-and-seek
  • Sliding down the slide is exciting for little thrill seekers
  • Ball drop will intrigue kids as the balls zigzag down the maze into the ball pit
  • Includes 10 play balls
  • Maximum weight: 43 lbs per child
  • Intended for family and domestic outdoor use over proper surfacing
  • Adult assembly required

One of the best parts of this climber is the price—$99.99! You can purchase directly from Step2 here. Before Emily notified me that we would be reviewing the Play Ball Fun Climber, I was looking at some used climbers. I saw none under $50. The Play Ball Fun Climber is a great value!

Editor’s Note: here is Little E playing on the Fun Climber—you can really see the size of it and how she uses the whole thing (even crawling underneath). Also, I have seen this girl play with the balls—she loves them! And she’s just tall enough to reach the top ball drop.

~Product was received to facilitate this review of the Play Ball Fun Climber by Step2. All opinions are my own.

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