Happy Spring! Potted bulbs with Longfield Gardens

Can you believe it’s spring?! This winter has been pretty brutal and we still have some snow on the ground here (we hadn’t seen the grass since late November until now!) with freezing temps. I always hate the cold weather anyway, but I’m sooo over this season. I’ve already pulled out the flip flops and t-shirts and packed away the sweaters. Spring means hoodies, robins in the trees, iced coffee, walks outside with the kids, days at the park, and flowers. We can’t have spring without the flowers!

In the fall I wrote about fall-planted bulbs from Longfield Gardens planted outside for spring blooming. Well I also started a potted amaryllis winter bulb inside and it’s finally growing! Ryan, my 4-year-old, helps me water it and we watch its progress… he’s so excited to say, “Look how tall it is today, mom!”

potted bulbs

I don’t have a green thumb. At all. The opposite, really—I kill plants. When my potted bulb arrived, I didn’t even realize the bulb had turned sideways during shipping. I wondered why it took so long to see anything sprouting until I realized I was looking at the side of the bulb and it actually was growing—right into the side of the basket. Ooops! I turned it right side up and it’s doing great! Bulbs make it all so easy, even if you are terrible with plants 😉

potted bulbs

Longfield Gardens has plenty to choose from, even gift kits. I received a premium amaryllis in a beautiful birch basket that included the soil and decorative moss. It’s sturdy and the basket includes a waterproof liner to prevent messes… Ryan loves to “feed the flower!”

You can move your amaryllis flower outside at the beginning of summer if you want. I’ve read that it should adjust to the new surroundings in a protected area with partial shade for a few days and then planted in more sunshine. Bring it back inside around mid-September. If you leave it inside over the summer, make sure it’s by a sunny window. I rotate mine every few days so it grows straight instead of toward the sun.

potted bulbs

You can get your own potted bulbs here at Longfield Gardens and check out their spring-planted bulbs for the coming season! I’m getting a variety of dahlias soon and can’t wait! I think I will plant them around the kids’ playhouse in the backyard… their own little garden 🙂

You can also find Longfiend Gardens on twitter and facebook for more tips on bulbs and flowers.

~Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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