Eating Gluten Free with Udi’s

I participated in this program on behalf of Udi’s and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own!

Do you know people that eat gluten-free diets? Maybe you do or someone else in your family? Our immediate family never did before, but I have a couple of close friends and other family members that have gluten sensitivities and have completely removed it from their diet. I’ll be totally honest–I thought gluten-free food would taste bad. Bland. Like a diet. I felt bad for the friends that HAD to eat that way…

And then I actually tried it. We replaced parts of our diet with gluten-free counterparts (pastas, breads, pizza crusts, etc.). We buy Udi’s and it’s SO GOOD. Now I think the “worst” part about a gluten-free diet is not being able to find everything you want in one store… but I think that will change soon, too! I don’t think it’s a “fad,” I think it’s a healthier way to eat. Removing things that maybe shouldn’t be in our diet anyway.

udi's gluten free

What is a gluten sensitivity?

Some people have celiac disease, which means they can’t process gluten at all and their bodies don’t absorb the nutrients. Some people don’t have a disease, but still have a gluten sensitivity that causes inflammation, cramping, bloating, etc. Only about 10% of people are medically diagnosed with a sensitivity and 37% of people self-diagnose.

Even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, wheat is a natural inflammatory so when you eat a lot of it, you can feel bloated and full. Just an icky kind of feeling… I can definitely relate to that.

udi's gluten free

Do you need to quick gluten cold turkey?

If you have an intolerance or sensitivity… yes. It can take months to fully leave your system until you feel normal again. So having a little bit here and there won’t help. If you’re choosing to be gluten-free for your own health reasons, you can start small. Maybe a “Gluten Free Friday” or replace all your breads with GF. Check out Udi’s gluten free recipes!

What do you look for on labels if it’s not marked gluten free?

Besides wheat, look through the whole ingredient list for hidden gluten ingredients… things like emulsifiers or maltodextrin. Even things you might not expect–they use these as thickeners, like soups, dressings, and ketchup. There’s lots of great information on, too, like the infographic below.

gluten free shopping list

When I told my husband I thought our family should try to go gluten-free I completely expected strong resistance. But he surprised me with an instantaneous and excited, “Okay! It tastes better anyway!” Seriously, I have to hide my treasured Udi’s because if HE doesn’t eat it all, I will eat it every time I walk through the kitchen!

Actually, I took the kids to CO to visit my brother last week and left behind a pack of Double Vanilla Muffins and Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies (among other Udi’s things). When I got home? Gone. Okay, he left me ONE cookie, which I ate as soon as I walked in the door, and I think he organized the whole house for me because he knew he’d be in trouble 😉

Also, my 4yo is the pickiest.eater.EVER. He also likes his food completely plain—nothing mixed together, nothing sprinkled on top, just plain. And ya know what? He LOVES Udi’s Harvest Crunch muffins (filled with cranberries, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potato) and Mighty Bagels (with cranberries, sunflower seeds, flax seed, millet seed, and pumpkin seed)—totally blows my mind.

udi's gluten freeI tried REALLY hard to just pick a few of my favorites from Udi’s… 

I made dinner tonight with the Udi’s gluten-free thin & crispy pizza crusts… the husband said it was the best pizza ever and the crust was amazing. He loves food—he eats anything, but has a strong opinion on flavor! My kids loved it, too 🙂

Udi's gluten free pizza

I can’t even say enough good things about Udi’s. I could go on and on about each product and how GOOOOOOD they taste so let me direct you to their products here and you must check them out. There’s a store locator so you can see where to locally find it, too…. many of our stores carry Udi’s, but not the whole line and they each seem to have different items…. so keep looking around! Of course you can order online, too.

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I participated in this program on behalf of Udi’s and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own! 

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