Win $100 VISA and custom t-shirt from Sign My Shirt!

You guys know that I LOVE Sign My Shirt, right? The possibilities are endless… it’s not just any t-shirt, it’s unique and memorable and every time you get or give one, it will be different!

If you aren’t familiar, Sign My Shirt’s patent-pending technology makes them the only place to create personalized t-shirts remotely signed by people from anywhere in the world! They just need a computer mouse or touchpad. You design a shirt, send out invites through email and/or Facebook, and place the messages and signatures all over the shirt for an awesome keepsake.

I’ve made one for Rebecca’s 2nd birthday, engagement shirts for friends, a 30th birthday shirt for my brother (signed by friends from across the country he hasn’t seen in ages!), a “bride-to-be” shirt for a friend’s bachelorette party, and a support shirt for a friend with a sick baby. I’m hosting a local event next weekend (LABORfest) and attendees are signing a shirt with profits going to our non-profit group, ICAN. See? Possibilities = endless.

sign my shirt

Sign My Shirt recently launched an entirely new website and to celebrate we’re having a giveaway!!! Create a shirt, get as many signatures as you can, and have a chance to win up to $100 (and your shirt)! So fun! Can’t wait to see what type of shirts people create. Team Ezra or Team Jake? Or how about Team Fitz or Team Jake?! (Okay I just realized Pretty Little Liars and Scandal have the same names for leading men. Ezra FITZ. Crazy.)

Sign My Shirt

It’s really easy. Head over to Sign My Shirt and create your account.

Design any t-shirt you want! Something funny. Something memorable. Something for a special event or occasion coming up like a graduation or birthday. Maybe you have a Game of Thrones obsession and need a new t-shirt for the new season?! 😉

Invite people to sign your shirt through email and/or Facebook.

The person with the MOST signatures/messages on Friday, April 18th (11:59pm CST) will WIN their creatively signed t-shirt AND $1 for every signature (up to 100)!*

Watch the quick how-to video for a better idea of the process:

Use the form below to sign up. Keep an eye on their Facebook page because they’ll announce those in the lead half-way through the contest!

*Signatures must be UNIQUE (each from a different person). In the event of a tie, the person that registered their account on first will be the winner.

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