Air & Water: NewAir Beverage Refrigerator (AB-850) review & giveaway

Where would you put a second refrigerator? Growing up we always had another one in the basement. I think mainly for the freezer space, but the fridge was used, too, for extra drinks and things not needed as often. I know a few people that keep a second refrigerator in their garage. Or maybe you have a better use for a small refrigerator? A game room, bar, dorm, or office.


We were recently sent the NewAir beverage refrigerator (AB-850) from Air & Water to review. At first I thought we’d put it in our porch. We have a HUGE deck that’s great for entertaining and it’d be nice to have a little refrigerator out there to keep drinks handy for guests. Plus, as a family of 4 we never have space in our fridge for all the drinks needed when hosting a party!

But we decided my husband needed it more… he brought it to work! He said they have one refrigerator that everyone shares, but that it’d be much more useful to have this NewAir refrigerator in his area of the building for him and a few co-workers to share. It would be really nice to have cold beverages (and your lunch) nearby!


I did test this refrigerator at home before sending it off to work with my husband. There are a few really nice features about it (and yes, that is my son’s toy truck on the top shelf, haha–he thought this was the coolest toy chest).

First, the door completely opens up so plenty of space to get things in and out. Second, there are 3 adjustable racks that slide out for easy access. Then there’s a storage space on the bottom, too. Finally, there are controls at the top of the refrigerator to adjust the temp (7 settings with a range of 64 to 34 degrees) along with an LED light.


More features of the NewAir Beverage Refrigerator:

  • It holds a lot! With the 3 racks and bottom space, it holds like 84 cans. Of course we don’t fill it with just cans, but whatever you decide to put in there, this has plenty of space (and for my husband, it works well with the different racks to keep items from different co-workers separated).
  • It looks very nice with the black and chrome design. We love the clear front and handle on the stainless steel door.
  • It’s very sturdy and well-made. It weighs about 50 lb.
  • It tucks away nicely for its size – next to a couch, in the corner, or even under a desk.
  • Hold your cans of beer or pop, bottles of wine, or your lunch!

I think the co-workers are pleased with my husband’s addition to the office 😉 If you’re in need, I definitely recommend this one! You can find your own NewAir refrigerator (among many other great products) at Air & Water for $249.95 (with free shipping). They are also currently giving away a free ice maker on their site so go check it out & enter!


GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own NewAir Beverage Refrigerator from Air & Water! Please use the form below to enter–good luck! 🙂

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