5 OTHER uses for diaper rash cream

~This post was written in a partnership with Pinxav. Any opinions are my own.

Okay, moms, we’ve all been there. We all have some sort of diaper rash cream or ointment on hand, we’ve all wiped it on the baby’s bottom. Did you know 75% of babies will develop diaper rash at least once every six months? Eeek. We try to prevent it and when it comes, we treat it. Lots of diaper rash creams create a barrier to repel more wetness against the skin, right? But do they also help soothe and heal?

diaper rash cream

Pinxav has a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to treat all the diaper rash symptoms (in addition to its 30% zinc oxide that creates the barrier to wetness). Healing aloe, antioxidant vitamin E, anesthetic menthol, and others.

So…. Ryan (our 4-year-old) is out of diapers…. Rebecca is 2 and will hopefully be out of diapers soon…. what to do with my diaper rash cream? I was thinking about all these great ingredients and there must be more uses for diaper rash cream than on baby bottoms!

1. Boys will be boys (and girls will be girls). Basically… TODDLERS. Bumps, scrapes, bruises, you name it. With its anesthetic and healing properties, Pinxav diaper rash cream moves from the diaper bin to the first aid bin.

2. Acne. I’ve got one more year until I turn 30 and I thought people of “that age” aren’t supposed to break out anymore. UGH. In the privacy of my home, I will try this out… Pinxav and I have a date later tonight. Try it on any under-eye puffiness, too.

3. Sunburn. Just in time for summer! We’re a fair-skinned Norwegian family, which means “sunburn” is basically my middle name. I have tried every other “treatment” for my burns, so why not some soothing baby butt rash cream?! But seriously… “soft as a baby’s bottom….” Oh, and use it as sunblock in a pinch!

4. Razor burn. After a shave (especially those quick shaves moms of toddlers are all too familiar with) put this on, especially at the bikini line! Same for any ingrown hairs.

5. Dry skin. Winter is always hard on my skin and by the end of it I’m embarrassed to show my hands. Sometimes they get so cracked at the knuckles, they start to bleed a little bit! Pinxav helps dry, cracked skin and works great for chaffing, too. FYI–it is light pink, but it rubs in clear 🙂

diaper rash cream

I should warn you though… the adhesive quality of Pinxav (that makes it so effective) may stain clothing pink. So you might not want to cover your acne and then hit your pillow. Unless you want it to be a pink polka-dotted pillow!


Find out where you can buy Pinxav near you (or online with free shipping!) and ask your local shops to carry it if they don’t–it’s how new products get out there! You can also find them on Facebook.

~This post was written in a partnership with Pinxav. Any opinions are my own.

baby with diaper rash cream

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