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~Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I remember being pregnant with Ryan, our first, and wanting to include my husband in all the excitement. A lot of focus goes to the mom (well, as it should!), but what about the men? Their life is about to change, too, they’re becoming DADS! It’s just as special. But what I found when I went to search for gifts for him was disappointing. A book about how his boys know how to swim? Yea, that was about it.

Then I found “Daddy Scrubs.” They’ve since changed to Daddy & Co, but they were new about the time I got pregnant in 2009. Back then they only had a few things like the classic scrubs, t-shirts, and coffee mug. Now they have other styles and so much more! They’re totally a go-to for new dads and I love that they’re here to include fathers in the journey! Oh, and then there was that one time (in 2013)… that I met their spokesperson, Ian Ziering… or Steve Sanders, whichever you prefer 😉

Ian Ziering with Daddy & Co

In addition to my own husband, I want to include the other dads when friends of ours are now beginning to get pregnant! I show up with gifts for the mom and just can’t leave out the dad! These days it’s more common to have baby showers for the men, too. My husband actually threw a “dad only” shower for a good friend of his and we’ve been to many showers that include both moms and dads together!

Gifts for Dads

gifts for dad

Above is the DaddySwag Gift Set! You choose your size for the classic Daddy Scrubs and “I’m the Daddy” t-shirt and also get a hat, coffee mug,  3 pens, sunglasses, pink and blue wristbands, and some stickers. Everything you need for a new dad! Of course I got my husband an “I’m the Daddy” shirt back in 2009 and he wore it allllll the time (even now, 5 years later!). He proudly sports the coffee mug, too 🙂

gifts for dad

I looooove this Daddy’s Bag O’ Books gift set! You can seriously never go wrong with a gift set of books… kids and parents love them and it’s always a good idea to add to your library. Now here’s a set just for dad! My husband puts the kids to bed most of the time and they have special story time. He will be thrilled with this new set I’m saving for his birthday 🙂 It comes with a 100% natural cotton canvas bag, a pair of sunglasses, and these books:

  • “I Love You, Daddy!” by Edie Evans
  • “What Daddy Bear Loves” by Paige Nickell
  • “What Daddy Duck Loves” by Paige Nickell
  • “The Daddy Book” by Todd Parr
  • “Just Me and My Dad” by Mercer Mayer
  • “The New Dad’s Survival Guide” by Scott Mactavish
  • “Clifford’s Day with Dad” by Norman Bridwell

gifts for dadAll the books in this set are great!

There are other fun gift sets, too, like the Big Daddy that’s great for days at the park. It comes with a backpack (daddy diaper bag!) filled with goodies. Daddy & Co has glasses and tumblers (that your older kids can decorate!), frames and photo albums, pajama pants and boxers, hats, ties, and other accessories, t-shirts and hoodies, and even matching “daddy & toddler” sets that are sooo adorable!

Gifts for DadOkay, *I’m* not the daddy, but I know a new daddy that will be pretty excited about these new goodies! I had to test them out 😉

Check out Daddy & Co for gifts for dads in your life and pick up the items I got or something else from their wonderful selection! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

~Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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