I’m headed to Mom 2.0 2014 with Contours

I am THRILLED to announce that I’ll be going to the Mom 2.0 conference in Atlanta next week with Contours! I’ve attended quite a few blog conferences in the past, but this will be my first time at Mom 2.0 and I couldn’t be representing a better brand. Your work is always easiest when you’re doing what you love, right?

Mom 2.0

Visiting Atlanta will be another first for me! This will also be one of the few times I travel without the kids. When they were younger, they sometimes went to conferences with me. It will be hard to go, as always, but I’m also looking forward to a solo trip.

I can’t wait to chat with others about the wonderful Contours brand and products, see old friends and meet lots of new ones, network and interact with brands, and learn from other professionals. We will have a GREAT time! I am sure I will come home with lots to share with you. Sarah from Must Have Mom is also going with Contours and I can’t wait to see her again!

Contours Baby
If you’re a Baby Dickey reader, you know by know that we love our Contours 😉 We have the Contours Options 3-Wheeler stroller that’s wonderful for everyday use and we have the Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller that has been a lifesaver with 2 kids. People ask me about the Tandem every time we’re out with it. We’ve traveled to Mexico and Colorado with it. It has held up through every trip on an airplane and there have been at least 6. It goes in our trunk or minivan, it comes to the park and the mall, and both kids (and parents!) love it.

Contours strollers

If you’ll be at Mom 2.0, I hope we get to meet! Find me and say hi 🙂 I’ll have a Contours pin on, too, and you’ll have a chance to win Contours prizes and a pure “Bliss” spa gift card!

You can follow the fun on Instagram, Twitter (Baby Dickey and Contours), and Facebook (Baby Dickey and Contours)!

I'm Attending The Mom 2.0 Summit

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