Mom 2.0 2014: best moments and lessons

You guys, I still haven’t unpacked. Wait, what day is it? Have I even showered since Mom 2.0? Ah, back to the life of a work-at-home-mom of 2 toddlers 😉

Mom 2.0 2014 in Atlanta

I had an AMAZING time at Mom 2.0 in Atlanta last weekend. I’ve been wanting to attend because I’ve heard great things and this year was my first opportunity. And those things you hear? All true.

I met awesome bloggers (sometimes, I may have been a little “fan girl” about it in a way only other bloggers would understand), I connected with wonderful brands—many with a mission I totally want to stand behind (and that’s what it’s all about), I attended panels and workshops that reignited my passion for what I do and taught me new ways to grow and improve (my blog and myself), and I had FUN.

I chatted with friends, I SLEPT, I danced, I cried, I laughed. I already bought my ticket for next year 😉

Mom 2.0 2014

I attended on behalf of Contours and loved chatting with other moms about their strollers. We got to show off the beautiful new Laguna Blue fashion of the 4-in-1 Bliss Stroller… does everyone remember my favorite feature?! You can remove the pram (hello carrycot!) or reverse the seat with ONE HAND. Does Contours know the needs of moms, OR WHAT.

We also saw a prototype of their new double stroller that I can’t wait to hit the market! HUGE BASKET. They’re working on a video for it now! Oh and some of the best news ever–Contours stroller accessories coming this summer! Everyone always comments on my Contours strollers when I’m out and then the next thing they ask about are accessories… a parent tray and child tray are on their way!

Mom 2.0 2014

More of that stuff I did at that… blog… conference… thing (according to everyone else). I had a sleep makeover in my hotel room from the National Sleep Foundation and their product partners and it was heeeeeeeeeavenly. I mean, staying at the Ritz Carlton was already incredible, but this makeover was pure bliss. I almost didn’t get out of bed the next morning.

I went to workshops and panels. I got expert advice. I learned from other bloggers, PR reps, and brands.

I ate. Mmmmmm. What a bummer it was to come home and have to make my own meals 😉

Mom 2.0 2014

Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers! It was fantastic to meet so many wonderful women I spend my days chatting with online in-person. Some I just read and didn’t “know” before Mom 2.0, but now we’re obviously bffs. Sarah from Must Have Mom was also attending with Contours and had her ADORABLE 2-month-old son Brady with her… BEST BABY EVER. Let’s just say my husband was in trouble when I got home #babyfever.

That’s Sarah and I on the top left at the Yoplait suite! Going clockwise:
Kristin (Our Ordinary Life), Me, and Sarah (Must Have Mom) at the Wayfair suite
Kristin, Me, and Sarah doing the #NotBabyFoodChallenge on video with BeechNut (yum!)
Kristin and Me at the Whirlpool cocktail/dance party
Sarah and Me are 80s prom dates at the Trapper Keeper booth
A blurry Calley (The Eco Chic) and Me at the Whirlpool party
Lisa (Crazy Adventures in Parenting) and Me in the Marketplace

And? I left my yoga pants at home. Okay, that’s a lie, I definitely brought them (#safetyblanket), but I managed to dress up and leave the yoga pants in the hotel room 😉

Mom 2.0 2014

Some key moments for me and lessons learned in the panels and workshops at Mom 2.0:

  • Mom 2.0 hosted the first ever Iris Awards to honor parenting bloggers. It was a great night and it was all very inspiring… and then… Katherine Stone won the Philanthropic Work Award for Postpartum Progress. I’m going to cry again, right now, just writing about it. She has done an amazing thing for postpartum depression and anxiety. As a sufferer in the past, it breaks my heart to think about other women going through it, too. It breaks my heart that women have to suffer and often go at it alone and it’s not being talked about enough. But Postpartum Progress saves people and makes us feel like we aren’t alone… and I promise that means all the difference in the world. Thrilled to see her win. (Just saw this amazing article by blogger Meagan Francis on the topic over at HuffPo – Could the Internet Have Saved My Mother?)
  • It’s all about the writing. That’s why we all started in this space, right? To share stories, to inspire, to teach, to grow… sometimes we feel like so much has changed with sites like BuzzFeed taking over with quick and catchy posts, but content will always be king. I met Cooper from The Motherhood who shared research results that GOOD CONTENT and quality writing will yield better results for a campaign than simply a site with lots of pageviews.
  • Be you. Stick to your voice and your passions. Don’t lie, don’t contradict yourself, work with brands that are a fit and be honest with reviews. Make a list of your TOP TEN brands you’d love to work with and go after them! Create a campaign proposal, pitch your ideas, ask them what they need and how you can make it happen. (Thanks to the panel with Microsoft, Best Buy, Ogilvy, and Lipi Taylor)
  • #BeautyIs. Dove’s #BeautyIs campaign surrounded us and it was uplifting. Every mirror had the message and people left sticky notes around the conference with what inspires them. #BeautyIs my family and this supportive community!
  • Value your work and ideas. Many of us have been in this space for years and have gained valuable insights and knowledge on all things social media, writing, pitching, etc. Consider yourself a consultant. Pitch brands with campaign ideas and offer to help consult where they need it, but be careful with the details. Know your value and charge a consulting fee. Give bits of info to create interest and then get a contract. FOLLOW UP! (Thanks to Jessica from Don’t Mind the Mess and Jenny and Emily from Mommin’ It Up)

Mom 2.0 2014

Thank you again to one of my favorite brands and products ever, Contours, for taking me along for the ride at Mom 2.0 2014! People keep asking about my black necklace, so it’s from Chompy Chic Chewelry 😉  And here’s my totally awesome branded shirt (the front says “Baby Dickey”) from Sign My Shirt that was digitally signed on the back by my blog loves <3

Sign My Shirt custom t-shirt

See you at Mom 2.0 next year in Arizona!


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