Teaching games at home or on the go (Super Duper giveaway)

Our 4-year-old, Ryan, is so eager to learn! You know those comics about the kids going, “why? well… why? but, why?” True. Ryan’s favorite thing to say, actually, is “How do you know?” Haha–he really keeps us on our toes! I’ve talked plenty of times before about Super Duper Publications, the fun learning materials for kids, because they’re aaaamazing. You know you’ll get something great for your kids there.

Teaching on-the-go is great for a couple of reasons… first, Ryan is always asking questions and wanting to learn and second, he’s 4. Moms of toddlers, you know what I mean…. sitting at a restaurant waiting for food? Waiting in line? Being patient at great-grandma’s? Ahhhhh! We are always trying to keep the kids occupied to prevent a meltdown, right?

teaching games

These Auditory Memory cards are PERFECT. They have been amazing for Ryan. A lot of educational games we try are either way too easy for him and he gets bored or they’re too hard and he won’t try.

  • I read to him: he has to stay quiet to listen to the story—double bonus when waiting at a restaurant 😉
  • Ryan learns listening and recall skills.
  • It’s recommended for Grades 1 and up… Ryan is in preschool (4yo) so it is difficult for him, but I can see how much he is improving with practice! I help with hints or reread parts of the short story.
  • We even use the cards with our 2-year-old, Rebecca… she loves the bright pictures and points at everything to learn the names of them or to hear the story about what she sees in the picture!
  • The little container fits in my purse or diaper bag so I can take it everywhere!
  • There are different decks to choose from—we have the “WH questions” (who, what, where, when, why). Get yours for $12.95.

teaching supplies

We also got the Say & Glue for Language & Listening activity book. This could easily be brought on-the-go, too, but you do need scissors and glue so we like to do this together for at-home learning! LOVE THIS. Ryan is obsessed with both cutting paper and gluing…

educational games

  • This BIG book is filled with fun (94 two-part activities on 198 pages)
  • Ryan practices listening to me read the directions and learns about categorization, functions (telling what items are used for), following complex directions, following conditional directions (if… then), retelling stories (semantic recall), and understanding basic concepts (25 basic concepts in all!).
  • One page has the directions (between 4 and 12 for each activity), objects to cut out, and questions. The opposite page is a fun picture where you glue the objects.
  • The directions are short and easy to follow (recommended ages are PreK through 4th grade): “The farmer is ready to plow the fields. Glue the tractor between the barns.”
  • Some require more thinking: “If a fish can live out of water….. or if a fish can’t live out of water….”
  • There are more questions related to the activity on each page, too, “what is the difference between a saw and a lawn mower?” Each activity can easily fill an entire art/craft/reading time.
  • Pages are in black-and-white so have fun coloring, too!!! Get your book of fun for $36.95.

educational gamesMy 4yo hates having his picture taken, but at least he shares the coloring with his little sister when he’s done gluing 😉

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win THEIR CHOICE of: the Say & Glue book, the Sentence Fill-In card deck, or the Understanding Sentences card deck. Open to US AND CANADA. Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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