21 campfire cooking recipes

Welcome to camping season! I’m an outdoorsy girl and love to camp. Back in those pre-kid days, we used to go every summer! And I mean camping—in a tent, in the woods, with a fire pit. One of my favorite memories is camping in the mountains of Colorado while visiting my brother and waking up to a light snowfall! We survived that trip on a giant can of beans, haha. Campfire cooking is the best. Plan your meals, fill your cooler, and start the fire! Here are some great campfire cooking recipes to get you started:

Check out 21 Campfire Cooking Recipes

by Emily Dickey at Foodie.com

In my Campfire Cooking collection over at foodie.com, there’s everything from snacks and dips to breakfasts and dinners. Full and fancy meals or campfire cooking basics (you can’t go wrong with a hot dog and beans)! Make it easy with tinfoil boats or bring your own pans. Cook over a fire or use a grill. Check your campsite before you go to see what’s available! We have our own mini camping grill we can bring with us when the campsite is remote enough to not offer any.

campfire cooking recipes

What’s your favorite campfire cooking recipe?

 ~Written in partnership with foodie.com. Any opinions are my own!

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