Celebrate National Sunglasses Day

~Written in partnership with The Vision Council. Any opinions are my own.

Did you know June 27th is National Sunglasses Day?! I know I love MY sunglasses—they’re stylish, I use my sunglasses like a headband on the top of my head, they make it easier to see outside, and they protect my eyes! But what about my kids? Do your kids wear sunglasses? How often? Are you aware of the importance of protecting your children’s eyes?

national sunglasses day

YES, eyes can be sunburned. YES, you can get cancer of the eye (or eyelid). YES, there are short- and long-term effects of UV damage to your eyes. And, YES, your kids are more at risk! Kids get 3 times the annual adult dose of UV radiation and their eyes are more vulnerable because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses. So you might be great about wearing your sunglasses, but are your kids? I got to hear from Dr. Dora Adamopolous, optometrist and mom of 2, who had some great info and tips to share.

national sunglasses day

National Sunglasses Day

It’s never too late to start protecting your eyes (better late than never!) and it’s never too EARLY to start teaching your kids. National Sunglasses Day can become a celebration with your children—an excuse for a party! And that might be just what they need to get excited about their sunglasses and protecting their eyes.

How can I help protect my kids’ eyes?

UV radiation is strongest between 10am and 4pm so be more aware during those times and try to limit outdoor play within those hours.

And… sunglasses! They’re important even when it’s cloudy. Teach by example—wear your sunglasses, take care of them by keeping them in a case, and talk to your kids about the importance of protecting not only their skin in the sun, but also their eyes.

How to get kids to wear sunglasses

Maybe you start the day by letting the kids pick out their own sunglasses? Sometimes if they have a part in the decision, they’re more excited about it and more likely to feel ownership over it. Of course you need good sunglasses with actual UV protection so maybe you pick a few acceptable ones they can choose from.

How to pick out sunglasses for kids

Large frames or adjustable straps will be easier to keep in place. Sunglasses without hinges will allow kids to put them on themselves without pinching fingers. Kids still constantly dropping or losing sunglasses? Try plastic ones. You can still find ones with UV protection, they’re inexpensive, and more easily replaceable.

Sunglasses need to have UVA and UVB protection (look for a label or sticker). It helps to shop at a reliable, trustworthy store rather than a street vendor or online auction-type website. You can even get UV-protective swim goggles! Water reflects up to 100% of UV light, which is just as damaging as direct UV (snow reflects 85%, dry sand and concrete 25%, and grass 3%).

baby sunglassescool kids wear sunglasses 😉

Visit The Vision Council for more tips and information on UV damage and how to protect your eyes! Share YOUR sunglasses with a #SunglassSelfie on Twitter or Instagram–I want to see! You can also find The Vision Council on Facebook and Twitter.

~Written in partnership with The Vision Council. Any opinions are my own.

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