15 Back-to-School Bento Boxes

Back-to-school time already?! I’m about to go back to playing Taxi Mom, running my two kids to two different schools for half-days, and packing lunches like a crazy lady. Bento boxes are definitely the way to go…

 Ideas for back-to-school bento boxes


Check out Back-to-School Bento Boxes

by Emily Dickey at Foodie.com

…for two reasons. 1) My son is one of those toddlers that cannot stand to have his food touching. Everything must be separated! Bento boxes, FTW! 2) I’ve got two kids in that “I’m going to be picky and not eat anything” stage. Themed bento boxes make lunch more fun and I think they eat the dinosaurs and “choo-choo” trains before they even knew what hit ’em.

back to school bento boxes

Check out the full Back-to-School Bento Boxes collection and find more great ideas on foodie.com!

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