My Child Ate….. (Now What?!) poison control resources

I think I’m pretty lucky that in my last 4.5 years of parenting two little ones, I’ve only had to deal with a “my child ate…” moment once. Rebecca grabbed a sunscreen stick and, thinking it was chap stick, put it on her lips and then continued to put it IN her mouth. I think she barely ate any, but still, as a parent you have that NOW WHAT?! moment.

my kid ate...

Yea, ya see “poop” on that image above? Not here (KNOCK ON SOME FREAKIN’ WOOD), but that happens. When I was little, my brother peed in my mouth. Yep. I just put that out there for everyone to know (ah, the joys of writing behind a computer screen)……… it sounds worse… than it was… I think….

We were in the bathtub, he stood up, I screamed…. he shot, he scored. I survived!!!


My state of Illinois has this AWESOME website for Poison Control and after talking with some other mamas in different states, I realized they all don’t… Probably a phone number to call, but sometimes (when you know it’s not an emergency) it’s helpful to access that type of thing online. When I googled about Rebecca’s sunscreen situation, this is what I found!

poison control

My Child Ate… <—bookmark it. The only online resource of its kind focused on the most common substances involved in pediatric poisonings.

Just wanted to share—we all know how kids can be and they get into EVERYTHING they are NOT supposed to! 😉

Have your kids ever eaten something random? Have you had to use Poison Control?

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  • Christa

    Kyla ate part of a silica packet once. you know those little packets that keep stuff fresh?! yes. she ate that. I searched a poison control resource online and determined it was fine but until then I was certain death was near!


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